101 Superhero T-Shirts for the Ultimate Comic Book Mega Fan

2011 has definitely been the summer of big comic movies. Thor, X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern, and of course Captain America. Next summer, we’ll get The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers – something that I’d never think I’d ever see on the big screen. Comic book culture and superheroes are bigger than ever. To celebrate this and because I’m still coming off a high from covering the crazy Comic-Con costumes of 2011, I’ve put together an amazing list of 101 Superhero T-Shirts for the Ultimate Comic Book Mega Fan.

I’d love to hear which one of these are your favorites and whether or not you own any of these tees! And if you know of a superhero shirt not on this list then please tell me about it. Leave a comment below in the comments section and let me know!

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1. Fighting Crime Doesn’t Pay by Stef McFeters (Threadless), $20.

2. Light-Up LED Iron Man T-Shirt by Think Geek, $29.99.

3. Slice of Shell by 604Republic, $19.95.

4. The Joker by NerdyShirts, $14.99.

5. Superman by 80’s Tees, $20.

6. Ironing Man vs. Washing Machine by Split Reason, $19.95.

7. Captain America’s Shield by NerdyShirts, $19.99.

8. Masked Turtles by Snorg Tees, $19.95.

9. Captain Canada by Busted Teees, $20.

10. Sorry, Babe (4 Pack) by Threadless, $75.

10a. Sorry, Babe… Issue 2, Vol. 2 by Lee Bermejo (Threadless), $24.

10b. Sorry, Babe… Issue 1, Vol. 2 by Eduardo Risso (Threadlesss), $24.

10c. Sorry, Babe… Issue 4, Vol. 2 by Dave Johnson (Threadless), $24.

10d. Sorry, Babe… Issue 3, Vol. 2 by Matheus Lopes (Threadless), $24.

11. My Life Is Like A Comic Book by Shirt City, $18.90.

12. Batman by 80’s Tees, $20.

13. Wai So Srs by Split Reason, $19.95.

14. Chibi-Fi Spider-Man by Eozen (RedBubble), $24.94.

15. Marvel Dry People by NerdyShirts, $19.99.

16. Logan’s Canadian Lager by Malc Foy (RedBubble), $25.54.

17. Slowing Down by Glennz Tees, $19.95.

18. Rorschach by Shirt City, $20.90.

19. The Adventures of the Batman by Junk Food Clothing, $16.

20. Stark Industries by Think Geek, $17.99.

21. Big Bang Theory Costume Meeting by Stylin’ Online, $18.

22. Chibi-Fi Captain America by Eozen (RedBubble), $24.94.

23. Aquaman Atlantis Swimming by Stylin’ Online, $18.

24. Tokidoki Green Metal Head Thor by Tokidoki (available at SuperHeroStuff), $32.99.

25. Flash by 80’s Tees, $20.

26. Xavier’s School For Gifted Children by CrosbyDesign (RedBubble), $25.94.

27. Shield & Hammer by SevenHundred (RedBubble), $24.94.

28. Evil Scream by Ben Chen (A Better Tomorrow), €26,00.

29. Fighting Crime Doesn’t Pay by Stef McFeters (Threadless), $20.

30. Deadpool, Merc Nouveau by Think Geek, $17.99.

31. The Illustrious Omnibus of Superpowers by Pop Chart Lab, $22.

32. Billman by Pop Chart Lab, $22.

33. 8-Bit Wolverine by Skreened, $24.99.

34. Tri-Blend Superman Logo by Junk Food Clothing, $38.

35. POW by Shirt City, $24.40.

36. Fantastic Four by 80’s Tees, $20.

37. Captain America by Stylin’ Online, $18.

38. DOOM We Can Believe In by Colorpress (RedBubble), $25.94.

39. Super Friends by Stylin’ Online, $18.

40. Spider-Man Tie Dye by Think Geek, $29.99.

41. Thor The Mighty Avenger by SuperHeroStuff, $19.99.

42. Roger’s Lager by Malc Foy (RedBubble), $24.94.

43. The Boy Wonder by Skreened, $25.99.

44. I Am Iron Man by Junk Food Clothing, $16.

45. SHIELD by 80’s Tees, $24.

46. Marvel Good vs. Evil by Stylin’ Online, $18.

47. Tokidoki Silver Surfer Rough Water by Tokidoki (available at SuperHeroStuff), $32.99.

48. Chibi-Fi Iron Man Armor by Eozen (RedBubble), $24.94.

49. The Helmeted Villain by Skreened, $19.99.

50. Green Lantern’s Light by Think Geek, $14.99.

51. ABC Superheroes by Fabian Gonzalez (Society6), $22.

52. Minimalism Villains by Fabian Gonzalez (Society6), $22.

53. Minimalism Superheroes by Fabian Gonzalez (Society6), $22.

54. Thor Strike by Stylin’ Online, $22.

55. Shazaam by 80’s Tees, $24.

56. Sinestro Corps by SuperHeroStuff, $19.99.

57. Magneto’s Awkward Photo by Mighty Fine, $25.

58. Pick Your Powers by Lee Norris (Threadless), $20.

59. The Steel Knight by Believe Merch, $17.99.

60. Old School Batman Logo by NerdyShirts, $19.99.

61. The American Superhero by Skreened, $19.99.

62. Thor X-Factor #212 Cover T-Shirt by SuperHeroStuff, $19.99.

63. Hawkeye by Stylin’ Online, $18.

64. Captain America by Junk Food Clothing, $16.

65. Punisher by 80’s Tees, $20.

66. Captain America by Junk Food Clothing, $38.

67. Wolverine by Skreened, $24.99.

68. Don’t Make Me Angry by Mighty Fine, $25.

69. Sin City by Andy Farrell (Threadless), $10.

70. Chibi-Fi Super Friends by Eozen (RedBubble), $24.94.

71. The Classic Superhero by Skreened, $19.99.

72. Ultimate Spider-Man by Mighty Fine, $25.

73. Super Skull by Reece Ward (RedBubble), $24.34.

74. Justice League Band by RedBubble, $23.94.

75. Superman Bizzaro Don’t Want You by SuperHeroStuff, $21.99.

76. SHIELD Eagle by Mighty Fine, $25.

77. Vampire State of Mind by Reece Ward (RedBubble), $22.94.

78. Airport Security by Tenso GRAPHICS (Threadless), $10.

79. Angry Birds Parody Batman and Superman T-Shirt by RedBubble, $24.94.

80. Green Lantern by 80’s Tees, $24.

81. Super Laundry by Reece Ward (RedBubble), $24.14.

82. Where’s The Birth Certificate by Sharksplode, $19.95.

83. Fantastic Four Circle Heads by SuperHeroStuff, $21.99.

84. I Heart Comics by Skreened, $23.99.

85. Legion of Doom by Stylin’ Online, $32.99.

86. Superman Sketch by SuperHeroStuff, $24.99.

87. 8-Bit Wonder Woman by Skreened, $24.99.

88. SHIELD Needs You by Mighty Fine, $25.

89. The League by Skreened, $20.99.

90. Robin by 80’s Tees, $22.

91. Bazinga by Stylin’ Online, $18.

92. How To Spot A Hero by Mighty Fine (available at the Marvel Store), $24.50.

93. Still Waiting For My Super Powers To Manifest by Skreened, $24.99.

94. HYDRA Logo by Mighty Fine, $25.

95. Vibranium by TopMarxTees (RedBubble), $23.94.

96. X-Men by Junk Food Clothing, $16.

97. Aquaman by Stylin’ Online, $28.

98. Superman Action Comics by SuperHeroStuff, $19.99.

99. 8-Bit Archangel by Skreened, $24.99.

100. Iron Man Heartcore by Nerdyshirts, $19.99.

101. Captain America Costume by Mighty Fine, $25.

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    Holy schmatooskies Coty! I see a repeat #1 & 29, but awesome list. I wonder if anyone’s done a non-fan version such as “The Amazing Spider Man” in text with an image of Batman or something like that.