Bondi Buddha: A Fun Beachwear Brand

To say that I am exposed to a lot of beachwear is an understatement. I live in Hawaii and therefore I am surrounded daily by beachwear. Board shorts and beach shirts are the norm not only at the beach but EVERYWHERE. Seriously, Hawaii is probably the only place you’d see a student sitting in lecture while wearing a bikini.

When it comes to beachwear, the only problem is that there really is a lack of indie brands. The usual suspects include established brands such as Quicksilver, O’neil, Billabong, and Hurley. And for that reason, it’s great to see Bondi Buddha taking a stab at the beachwear market. Bondi Buddha is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly complacent space over run by big corporate brands. Is beachwear the last frontier of indie T-Shirts? If so, then Bondi Buddha is leading the way.

Check out the Bondi Buddha online shop for the entire range of T-Shirts which range in price from $15 to $28.

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