Arquebus Clothing: Don’t Give Up The Ship

The guys over at Arquebus Clothing recently got a hold of me to let me know of their latest release: Don’t Give Up The Ship. Upon first inspection, I was really drawn to the large type and styling of the new tee. In fact, I actually took the next step of exploring what the rest of their T-Shirt designs looked liked. Lo and behold, the rest of the line was awesome. The line sort of reminded me a bit of 410BC crossed with Random Objects – and that’s a good thing because both are brands that I love. My favorite from the bunch is the wonderful An Idea is Salvation by Imagination design. I really dig the colorway of this particular shirt as well as the quote by renown architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Did you know that I have a framed photo of Fallingwater hanging in my room? Yup.

The Arquebus Clothing designs featured below as well as a bunch of other awesome tees can be found at the Arquebus Clothing online shop and are priced at $20 a piece.

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