Be The Alpha: T-Shirts for the Adventurer

Be The Alpha is a step away from the typical genre of T-Shirts that we feature here. These T-Shirts were designed for people who are outdoorsman, athletes, and adventure seekers. These T-Shirts are made for those of us who aspire to be alpha, to be the best that we can be physically and mentally. Steve Grod founded his brand in order to promote the message of Be The Alpha:

“I have always believed that life is meant to be enjoyed and experienced, to the fullest. I always felt that many people are not truly LIVING; they are merely existing. I believe in creating my own destiny and inventing my own future. The Be The Alpha brand represents a re-definition of what it means to Be The Alpha. Real Alphas embody a quiet confidence and not afraid to question the status quo. They stay true to themselves and celebrate authenticity and individuality.” -Steve Grod

Gros is no stranger to adventure, he is both a Brazilian Jiujitsu practitioner and a avid hiker, he has pursued the art of Jiujitsu in Japan and summited many high peaks, from Mt. Fuji in Japan to many of the high peaks of the Himalayas, including a two-week sojourn to Mt. Everest base camp in Nepal. Cool.

I myself am becoming quite the avid extreme hiker. This year along I have hiked to the highest peak on the island of Oahu (Mount Ka’ala) and have also traversed what is considered to the the most difficult trail on Oahu, the Bowman Trail to Bowman Terminus and Haiku Stairs. The later hike was an 11 hour / 12 mile adventure that I will never forget. Imagine walking along ridges whose width is just the size of a foot, as well as near vertical climbing with and without rope. I am definitely trying my best to Be The Alpha.

Be The Alpha T-Shirts are available now from their online shop for $20 a piece but you can save 10% of your order if you purchase two or more items – just remember to use the coupon code GET10 at checkout.

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