The Brands Are Heating Up In Texas: A List of the Best Texas Based Indie T-Shirt Brands

The Brands Are Heating Up in Texas is a guest post written by Blake from You Design It, a site that focuses on online t-shirt design.

It is heating up in Texas and I’m not just referring to the temperature. There are quite a few t-shirt lines making some noise down in the Lone Star State. There is a saying that goes every thing is bigger in Texas and there is also the saying that bigger is better. If that is the case, then does that mean that all these indie t-shirt lines from Texas are bigger and better? We’ll let you be the judge because there are a lot of brands to choose from.

We’ve profiled eight up-and-coming indie brands from Texas that we think you should check out. If you’ve already seen some of these, no worries…they are definitely worth a second look.

Grits Apparel

Grits Apparel is made just how you like it by serving tha good stuffî. Those are just two of the catchy concepts you’ll be hit with by visiting their store. The t-shirt designs in themselves are very cool but the overall experience you get when watching their creative videos and getting to know the Grits story is mind-blowing. You really feel like No Grits, No Glory after you get to know what they’re all about.

My favorite tee from Grits is the appropriately named Greasy Spoon. Iím a sucker for the dark blue/light blue combination with white but I also think the design embodies the Grits look and feel.

Sleepy Dan

Sleepy Dan is another t-shirt line much like Grits that consistently brands their theme throughout their website and store. That theme is sleep and everything related to the love of sleep. In many cases this includes having to wake up from a good sleep. Sleepy Dan is all about enjoying the sleep you get but not getting too much because work needs to get done.

My favorite shirt is Sleep Attack because the premise behind the design is that the alarm clock hates the alarm as much as we do. Now that is something I can relate to.

Fur Face Boy

Fur Face Boy was a long awaited project for its founder, Ha Mai, as he went from job to job doing graphic design at all levels of the business world. The original Fur Face Boy was actually not a boy at all, but rather a nickname for Ha’s dog named Bear Mai. As you will see on some of the t-shirts there are animated references to Bear as well as an animated character known as the Fur Face Boy.

My favorite shirt in that line is the Bear Mai Ice Pop. It’s ice cream, clever, well-designed, and it’s ice cream (intentionally repeated, enough said).

Threaded Type

Threaded Type is a brand with a message. And while that isn’t so uncommon, the way they spread that message is. They use fairly simple typographical designs but elegantly do so with deeper meeting.

While I actually own the B Bold tee, my favorite is the Beyond Empty shirt because of the big design and its hidden complexity. What may look simple on the surface and just the word beyond actually means much more even though the font appears so empty.

Simply Complicated

Simply Complicated is a brand out of The Woodlands, Texas created by Grant Tucker. The line is heavily influenced by the founders love for hip-hop and even features some big-name rappers that have worn their gear. The name, Simply Complicated, is a bit of a paradox much like you would expect from a song like Yonkers by Tyler The Creator. You see, the hip-hop influence is not just with the shirt designs and colorways.

My favorite shirt is Global View. The oversized print with a very technical design is very impressive. Oh yeah….and Jay Z also wore this tee at a concert with Coldplay in the UK. That is called star power my friends.

Dirty Dudes Apparel

Dirty Dudes Apparel is exactly what it sounds like. T-shirts made by dirty dudes for dirty dudes. I believe the line is less about hygiene and more about the grungy dirty lifestyle that comes with partying hard and having fun.

What favorite tee from this line has to be the Sailors Grave. I love it when a v-neck is mixed in with the brand and this design has dirt written all over.

The Good Child

The Good Child is a clothing brand based out of Dallas and the 1st one on this list run by a female, Heather Abbott. She uses The Good Child as a creative outlet to show the message of “stay good, be humble”. Spend a little time on her blog and you’ll see she lives that message and spreads Good as much a she can.

My favorite tee in this line is the Good Travels tank top. An image of the Winnebago Heather grew up in is printed on the front. She tells a good story in the description that you should visit to read.


Carriculture out of Houston has a very street influence molded by the group of creators’ upbringing. Their goal is to provide a clothing option for the void they’ve found in the retail stores for their style.

My favorite t-shirt from Carriculture is the New Year New Money. This typographical design has a cool color scheme and a good message – keep hustling.

As you can see, there must be something in the water down in Texas. The one thing they all have in common is a passion to share their beliefs and style creatively. With that said, I guess you could say they have two things in common….they all share a bright future.

[Thanks to Blake from You Design It to take time out to write this post – I really appreciate it. And to think, this post came about from a single tweet! Please be sure to check out You Design It for future T-Shirt design needs. -Coty]