Darth Vader Says NOOOOOOO!

I have yet to pick up the new Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) on Blu-ray, however, I have been keeping up with the talk of all the changes that George Lucas made to the movies. One change that received a lot of attention was one from Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi. If you remember, towards the end of the movie, Luke Skaywalker battles the the Emperor. In the original film, Darth Vader stands and watches (silently) as his son is beaten to a pulp. In the most recent revision, George Lucas has Darth Vader screaming “NOOOOOOOOO!” Apparently, he did this so that it would match the “NOOOOOOOOO!” that Hayden Christensen yelps at the climax of Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. Sigh.

In honor of this unceremonious change, the fine people at Might Fine created this “NOOOOOOOO!” T-Shirt featuring the one and only Darth Vader. NOOOOOO! is available now from We Love Fine for $25.

And hey George Lucas, can you please stop revising Star Wars already?

Stand Up To Cancer With Star Wars

These Star Wars T-Shirts were designed for a great cause and are definitely tees that I’ll support. Use the Force for good and show that you will Stand Up To Cancer. Proceeds from these Star Wars designed T-Shirts will go to benefit the fight against cancer. There are three designs to choose from and each are priced at $24.95.

Of course, the momentum from the soon to be released Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray should help to propel the sales of these T-Shirts. Then again, Star Wars fans will pretty much buy anything Star Wars, right? And that is why I have a vinyl Yoda sitting on my desk and staring at me.

LazerShirts: Not Just Another Shirt

I’ve seen a lot of indie T-Shirt brands dabbling in Kickstarter campaigns to help draw in funds to build their brand. Some are very successful, while other receive a lukewarm response. I hope that LazerShirts is able to reach their KickStarter goal because they’ve got something cool going.

LazerShirts feature somer really neat glow-in-the-dark designs, but that’s not all. Point the LazerShirts “ultraviolet lazer” at the T-Shirt and you can start etching your own designs on top of the existing ones. Pretty rad. I mean, lasers and T-Shirts. Can you get any more awesome than that?

“LazerShirts are fun unique t-shirts that allow you to design your own creation with our special glow-in-the-dark formula. You can use our ultraviolet Lazer to “charge” glow material on the shirt. Simply touch the UV light to the shirt to free-hand draw or write whatever you want!”

The Kickstarter campaign is running for the next 20 days. The goal is to reach $7000 and right now they are at $1,135. Go ahead and check out their KickStarter page if you’re interested in contributing. You get some nice extra stuff if you do decided to contribute to the LazerShirts fun. Here’s what you get:

ASHKAHN: Edgy Prints, Cards, Totes & Tees

I have to admit, it kind of pains me to post that California Love T-Shirt. I’ve got nothing against the state, in fact, San Francisco is one of my favorite cities. However, California is home to … errr, The Lakers. Yes, I am a Laker hater. With that said, I love the name play (shirt is called California Love) of the T-Shirt and I dig how they tweaked the state outline. Cool.

I included the Evolution of the Muff T-Shirt for giggles. And because I can. And because I know there is maybe a pinky full of you who would buy that T-Shirt. Go for it.

The Ashkahn tees designed by Ashkahn Shahparnia are priced at $19 a piece, that’s 41% off the retail price of $32.00. Remember, Fab.com is invite only so if you’re not already a member, here’s an invite from ME to YOU. *Shipping to Hawaii requires an additional $25 per order. Come on Fab, can we get this fixed. It doesn’t cost $25 to ship to Hawaii. I know because I live here!

They’ve also got some really cool pillows and prints for sale. I’m really digging on the bold red “BORING” pillow. Love it.

The Fuchsia is Now

Fuchsia on dark grey. Lovely. I’ve been a fan of Fuchsia ever since I had my first big box Crayola crayons. Remember those? I remember begging for the box of 64 whenever we went shopping for school supplies in my youth. Now, the startup iOS app, PopBooth is all about the color Fuchsia. In fact, they love the color so much that they created a T-Shirt for Fuchsia fans around the world.

While you wait for your Fuchsia T-Shirt, you can grab the PopBooth app for free from the iTunes AppStore. PopBooth is a free photo booth app that turns 4 photos into a photo strip: post to Facebook, send by email, or send REAL photo strips in the mail. Neat! PopBooth is available for the iPhone and the iPad.

The Fuchsia is Now is available for purchase for $16.

Slow Loris: Shirts Made Slow

I really wish I had spotted these Slow Loris T-Shirts at Fab.com sooner rather than later. As it stands, you guys only have a little less than 7 hours to grab these neat Slow Loris T-Shirts. I was too slow and therefore missed out and that AWESOME Johnny 5 Robot T-Shirt. Who didn’t love Short Circuit growing up in the 1980’s? Slow Loris started in an old cannery building in Oakland, but now creates super-hip and handcrafted T-shirts on Guemes Island, Washington. Its designers never design or print digitally and that means that everything is screenprinted by hand with love.

The Slow Loris tees are priced at $16 a piece, that’s 38% off the retail price of $26.00. Remember, Fab.com is invite only so if you’re not already a member, here’s an invite from ME to YOU. *Shipping to Hawaii requires an additional $25 per order. Come on Fab, can we get this fixed. It doesn’t cost $25 to ship to Hawaii. I know because I live here!

Of course, if you missed out on the Fab.com sale then you can always head on over to the Slow Loris online shop to buy some tees.

Co-Tee TV Episode 87: Good Thoughts, Evozip and Lamb Chops

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear Good Thoughts by The Good Child and review an Evozip Messenger Bag. Evozip is a new media for self expression that you can display more often than a t-shirt but is less permanent than a tattoo.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Evozip Messenger Bag by Evozip. Pros: The Evozip concept and product is really great. I like the idea of being able to “skin” my messenger bag whenever and wherever I desire. The bag itself feels quite durable. I love pockets, and the Evozip sure comes equipped with a ton of pocket space. The bag is large enough to hold a 15 inch MacBook Pro. I know, because I’ve been using it carry around my MacBook Pro. It’s great that you can purchase bags with pre-made skins, or you can send in your own T-Shirt to have skinned. Upcycling old goods in order to make something new is healthy for the earth, kudos Evozip! Switching skins is quite easy to do and can be done in less than a minute. The shoulder strap is detaachable so you can also use it as a handbag if you so choose. The pricepoint of $20 is more than reasonable – I would have expected this product to sell in the $40-$50 range – you’re getting a great deal! The Evozip “skinnable” bag is the perfect solution for those who love both messenger bags and T-Shirts. Order an Evozip, upcycle your T-Shirts and have some fun with it! The Evozip would also make for a perfect gift.

Cons: None really. Great product at an affordable price. How could you go wrong? You can’t.

Price: $20.00.

Good Thoughts by The Good Child. Pros: I love this tee! It’s infused with a vintage feel and pop vibe. I’m not entirely sure of who is in the image. Im thinking that the female is either Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. I think I am completely wrong but those are my guesses! The T-Shirt itself is screen printed on the front, back and is tagless featuring a screen printed neck label instead. For a FULL review of The Good Child please check out Episode 86 of Co-Tee TV.

Price: $29.99.

Also mentioned in this episode:

The Good Child x GoodWoodNYC – awesome custom made wood pendent! Would go perfect with your Good Child T-Shirts!

If you want to send me a product to review, please feel free to do so. You can find my information in the contact menu above. Thanks!

A Father and Son Project: Summer Melon Rain

This fun T-Shirt comes to us from Nio Marcus, the prodigal son of Zerobriant. It looks like art runs in the family! The story goes that Nio Marcus sketched one of his favorite fruits, watermelon, after telling his dad that watermelon seeds look like rain drops. After telling his dad this, Nio took a bite from a slice of watermelon, turned it upside down, and sketched away. Zerobriant fixed up the sketch and submitted it to Design By Humans. The result? Nio Marcus’ first DBH print!

Summer Melon Rain is available now from Design by Humans for $15.