Slow Loris: Shirts Made Slow

I really wish I had spotted these Slow Loris T-Shirts at sooner rather than later. As it stands, you guys only have a little less than 7 hours to grab these neat Slow Loris T-Shirts. I was too slow and therefore missed out and that AWESOME Johnny 5 Robot T-Shirt. Who didn’t love Short Circuit growing up in the 1980’s? Slow Loris started in an old cannery building in Oakland, but now creates super-hip and handcrafted T-shirts on Guemes Island, Washington. Its designers never design or print digitally and that means that everything is screenprinted by hand with love.

The Slow Loris tees are priced at $16 a piece, that’s 38% off the retail price of $26.00. Remember, is invite only so if you’re not already a member, here’s an invite from ME to YOU. *Shipping to Hawaii requires an additional $25 per order. Come on Fab, can we get this fixed. It doesn’t cost $25 to ship to Hawaii. I know because I live here!

Of course, if you missed out on the sale then you can always head on over to the Slow Loris online shop to buy some tees.

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