LazerShirts: Not Just Another Shirt

I’ve seen a lot of indie T-Shirt brands dabbling in Kickstarter campaigns to help draw in funds to build their brand. Some are very successful, while other receive a lukewarm response. I hope that LazerShirts is able to reach their KickStarter goal because they’ve got something cool going.

LazerShirts feature somer really neat glow-in-the-dark designs, but that’s not all. Point the LazerShirts “ultraviolet lazer” at the T-Shirt and you can start etching your own designs on top of the existing ones. Pretty rad. I mean, lasers and T-Shirts. Can you get any more awesome than that?

“LazerShirts are fun unique t-shirts that allow you to design your own creation with our special glow-in-the-dark formula. You can use our ultraviolet Lazer to “charge” glow material on the shirt. Simply touch the UV light to the shirt to free-hand draw or write whatever you want!”

The Kickstarter campaign is running for the next 20 days. The goal is to reach $7000 and right now they are at $1,135. Go ahead and check out their KickStarter page if you’re interested in contributing. You get some nice extra stuff if you do decided to contribute to the LazerShirts fun. Here’s what you get:


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