A Calamari Sandwich? Yes Please.

Calamari Sandwich? I never knew that such a sandwich existed! I want one. Now. Seriously, I wonder if I can find a calamari sandwich in Hawaii. If you’re craving a calamari sandwich then you could always just pick up this T-Shirt from Madrid based designer, Dr. Ueeee. They’ve also got a cool paella T-Shirt if you’re craving Spain’s national dish.

Calamari Sandwich and Paella is available now from Dr. Ueee for €19.00.

PS: Although I really dig the fun images on these tees, I really wish that they would have left out the registered mark (R in the circle) and the little brand caption on the bottom of the design.


  1. says

    Yeah, the trademark sucks all the life out of the t-shirt. That’s a shame. Unless the trademark is part of the combo meal.

  2. says

    @sasa does makamaka mean calamari in Spanish? I know in Japanese it is ika! That’s what we call it in Hawaii.

    @Mike, yes, I agree. If they remove the trademarks I think they’ve got a winner. Some other cool and fun designs too in their shop.

  3. sasa says

    I thought makamaka means “my friend” in Hawaian…jejeje. In spanish calamari is “calamares”. Calamari sandwich is “bocadillo de calamares”.
    I think the designs are really cool, even with the brand :D

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