Instagram T-Shirt Spotting: Make Awkward Sexual Advances Not War

This is Instagram T-Shirt Spotting. I use Instagram a lot. A LOT. This makes sense since I’m pretty much glued to my iPhone and I love to snap photos. One of the great things about Instagram are the awesome random photos that I stumble upon. Occasionally I spot an awesome T-Shirt on Instagram like Make Awkward Sexual Advances Not War from @mike01. You can find this shirt over at Noisebot for $16.99.


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    The world would be a much better place if this happened, depending on how awkward the advance is. I say the more awkward the better. I could see this developing into a line of designs centered around awkward sexual advances: “give awkward sexual advances a chance”, “live long and make awkward sexual advances”. Limitless possibilities. Thanks!


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