WearingSocial: Turn Your Facebook and Twitter Friends Into A T-Shirt

You’ve got tons of Facebook and Twitter friends? Probably more than you need. What if I told you that you could actually turn those virtual friends into something tangible? Well you can with WearingSocial. WearingSocial taps into the API’s of both Twitter and Facebook and allows you to create mosaic themed T-Shirts with the profile pics of your friends.

I tested it out with Facebook (the preview images below were generated using my Facebook account – can you spot Andy from Hide Your Arms?) and I have to say that process is very simple. It’s very similar to using a 3rd party app with Facebook, you’ll need to grant WearingSocial permission to your Facebook account before it is able to grab your friends’ profile photos. From there it’s just a matter of choosing your T-Shirt design and WearingSocial does the rest.

WearingSocial is actually quite neat, especially if you’re into social media. The WearingSocial T-Shirts are priced at $19.99.

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