Doctor Hazmat Closes Its Doors

It’s always a sad day whenever an indie T-Shirt designer contacts me to let me know that they are closing their doors. This was the case when Bryan Satomayor from Doctor Hazmat contacted me to let me know that his T-Shirt brand will be closing its doors. I first featured Doctor Hazmat last October and I was thoroughly impressed by his small, yet impressive, collection of T-Shirts.

When asked why he decided to shut Doctor Hazmat down, Sotomayor replied:

“It’s nothing to be upset about. It was a personal choice. I simply don’t have the money right now to run the line and progress in my personal life. A fact that I didn’t believe for a very long time.”

He also went on to say:

“I’d like to thank you, and all of my supporters, for all the help and kind words.”

I’d like to thank you, as well, Doctor Hazmat, for making truly fun T-Shirts that we all could enjoy. The youthful exuberance of your brand will be missed and we look forward to any future projects from you!


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