Bamboo MacBook Pro Case by SILVA

These Bamboo MacBook cases by SILVA aren’t cheap. They start at $179.99 and go up to $314.99 in price. They aren’t cheap because each bamboo case is custom made and that takes a lot of work. Precision detail is the name of the game here. And let’s admit it, they look damn sexy. You won’t be able to pack a lot of peripherals with this briefcase. But who cares. Your MacBook will be sitting comfy in a case that will likely be 100X sexier than whatever generic case your peers have. Imagine how boss you would look walking into a Starbucks with this.

The SILVA Custom Bamboo MacBook Pro Case is available now for 13″ and 15″ MacBooks from SILVA. Prices range from $179.99 to $314.99.

Pure Guts for the Bicycle Enthusiast

This neat T-Shirt available from Degree and by 100copies will likely appeal to the bike enthusiasts amongst you. 100copies is a collection of art prints that not only feature, but is also driven by, the passion for cycling. As with cycling, speed is of the essence, so each piece of work is limited to 100 copies only. Only 17 “copies” remain in small and only 8 remain in medium. Cop these now if you want them.

Pure guts is available now from Degree for $38.

Threadless x GAP Invades A Mall Near You

It looks like Threadless has scored yet another major partnership. In 2010 they hooked up with Thermos and Target Stores nationwide. This year they’ve partnered with GAP and have invaded malls across the United States. I’m sure that this is a huge deal for Threadless that will indeed add nicely to their bottom line. However, I don’t know how I feel about this.

By doing this it’s as if Threadless is losing that element of exclusivity that made them special for me. Or maybe they’ve already lost that exclusive element and I’ve just been ignorant to it. It no longer is the case that you need to be in the know when it comes to Threadless. With the new GAP partnership, any Tom, Dick, and Jane can walk into one of the 3,248 GAP stores spread across the United States and pick up a Threadless T-Shirt.

Of course, this is great for the designers and the exposure that they will be receiving. It must be a seriously cool feeling to walk into a GAP store and see your hard work on display. However, is Threadless spreading itself too thin? Do they risk becoming another Quicksilver, Hurley, or Billabong? I mean, there’s nothing wrong with Quicksilver, Hurley, and Billabong. Except my mom knows about each of those brands. Heck, my grandma probably does too. They aren’t exclusive brands like, or maybe how, Threadless used to be. Maybe Threadless has grown and no longer wants to be a niche brand that caters to the small crowd of artists and designers littering the Internet. Maybe Threadless wants world domination. Whatever it is, I just hope that Threadless tees never end up on a shelf at my local Wal-Mart. That, my friends, would be fucked up.

With that said…where’s the nearest GAP?

DIY Gmail Messenger Bag

It all makes sense! You use gmail to send messages and it’s a messenger bag! Why didn’t anyone make this sooner. Dare I say that it’s cool? It’s not something that I’d use every single day, but it is something that I would use every so often to earn me tech geek street cred. The DIY enthusiasts will love this, especially the ones that, ummm, love to send emails? I want this.

The DIY Gmail Messenger Bag is available now from Geek Cook for $43.99.

8-Bit Karate Kid

Oh my, it’s been way too long since I’ve mentioned our good friends over at Found Item Clothing. Macho Slut, I hope that you are doing well! With that said, all of you 80’s kids MUST check out this 8-Bit Karate Kid T-Shirt. It’s A-W-E-S-O-M-E. It’s a Mortal Kombat x Karate Kid Mashup. The Brits would call this one brilliant. And I’d have to agree with them.

8-But Karate Kid is available now from Found Item Clothing for $19.95.

Sourced Messenger Bags

I’ve been using an Incase Messenger Bag for about a year now. The muted olive version of this Incase bag. It’s a great bag. I love the size, feel, and compartments. The only problem is that I’ve been using it despite a big rip in the seam of the flap. Not good. I would think that a bag from such a well-known and established brand like Incase would last longer than a year. I’ve been living with it but I’ve also been looking for a replacement.

Enter Sourced. This small brand is known for upcycling material in order to make new products. For instance, they’ve been upcycling truck tarpaulin to make some really eye-catching messenger bags. These upcycled messenger bags from Sourced are sleek and downright sexy. Have I found my replacement? Maybe.

We’re fans of life, we’re fans of style. We’re not treehuggers. We hate average, we love unique, we appreciate quality. Sourced began with a desire to bring sustainable, fashionable, design focused products to market. Having looked at most ‘green’ products it seemed that ethical didnt necessarily mean stylish, we aim to change this.

From our Cornish base we offer a range of bags and accessories produced from upcycled (adding value to wasted) materials. We make messenger bags, shoulder totes, shopping bags and much more all by hand and all made to last. Our truck tarp range comes from upcycled lorry curtains that are being thrown after thousands of miles on the road networks of Europe. No two items are ever the same due to designs on the fabric. Some items are scarred from their past but we clean them up (over and over) before sewing them into unique, stylish swag.

Sourced Messenger Bags are available now from the Sourced online shop and are priced between £34.99 and £39.99.