Sweetbands: Fancy Up Your Forehead

I don’t think that I’ve ever given sweatbands any love on this blog. That’s about to change because I’ve just discovered Sweetbands and they are awesome! Sweetbands aren’t just for athletes, but they’re for the everyday person looking to spice up their wardrobe. As the Sweetbands founders, Tobin Nageotte and Paul Klinke put it, “Sweetbands are just like sweatbands, except they are totally sweet.” I agree.

They’ve got a wide collection of Sweetbands available for sale, but my favorites include: The Patriot,  The GeauxThe Chomp, The Tenenbomb, The Stache, and The Gay. They’re all so fun. Don’t those product photos make you just want to snag one, or two, or all of them. I know that I want them all!

SweetBands are available now from the official SweetBands shop for $9 a piece.

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