Help Fund The Zoetrope Kickstarter Campaign

I love Kickstarter, it’s the perfect service for any budding entrepreneur. Zoetrope, is a brand recently started by Brendan Sullivan. Instead of going the route of submitting his designs to some of the competition sites out there, he decided that he wanted to go 100% independent. And that’s where Kickstarter comes into play.

Brandon has actually already reached his Kickstarter goal, however, with so much interest he though that he’d spread the word even more. And that’s where this blog and you guys (T-Shirt fans and maniacs) come into play.

Wait, so what’s a zoetrope?

“A zoetrope is an old animation device that was a precursor to motion pictures. Basically, you’d have a small cylinder with a whole bunch of thin vertical windows. On the inside walls of this cylinder, you’d put a strip of paper with multiple drawings, and as you spun the cylinder and looked through the little windows, the illusion of movement appeared. They’re very cool, and an ingenious way of creating the illusion of life. Many other devices from that era accomplished similar effects, including the phenakistoscope, the stroboscope, the praxinoscope, and the thaumatrope, all of which are quite neat.”

Cool, now let’s get Brandon more funding for his project! Visit his Kickstarter campaign page here.

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