Check Out These hitRECord T-Shirts + The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories is a mass collaborative production company led by its founder, and director, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, known on hitRECord as RegularJOE. All the merchandise found at THE RECORD STORE was made collaboratively on hitRECord. And all profits made at THE RECORD STORE are shared with the contributing artists per The hitRECord Accord. Neat!

I first stumbled upon hitRECord when they released their Tiny Book of Tiny Stories. I thought, to myself, oh, “Joseph Gordon-Levitt is writing books now.” It turns out that he’s been doing much more than that. Gordon-Levitt has been “directing” this open collective production company of creative artists that have been churning out some really great stuff. The idea is that you can upload an idea or work in progress or “record” as they call it on hitRECord and other people can download and edit your “record.” If your record goes into production then all profits will be split by all of the collaborators. In their first year, hitRECord split $50,000 amongst its various collaborators. Awesome!

Want to joining hitRECord? Visit their site and join now.

A Spiffy Wood Tie: Fashion Against The Grain

Paired with the perfect shirt, this wood tie could work pretty well. It’s got a classic look and feel, in terms of furniture at least. The guy in the product shot seems to pull it off. Would I wear it? Sure. At the very least it’s an awesome conversation piece. Just make sure that if using this tie to pick up girls, it’s not the only weapon in your arsenal.

The Wood Tie is available now from Uncommon Goods for $34.

Fresh Kaufee: Shirts That Really Smell Like Coffee

I’m telling you, there’s a lot of indie goodness brewing in Dallas. From the awesome Fur Face Boy to the up-and-coming Sleepy Dan Clothing, Dallas is experiencing an indie apparel uprising of sorts. Another addition to the fold is Fresh Kaufee. Founder Joonbug McIntosh first caught my eye on Twitter, when he posted about Episode 88 of Co-Tee TV. You might remember that in that episode I talked about Javaboi Industries. Javaboi is a brand whose central theme is coffee. The T-Shirts come packed in little coffee bags, however, in Episode 88, I talked about how it would be great if, when opening the packaging, the T-Shirts actually smelled like coffee beans. I thought it was a great idea. And it looks it was, since Fresh Kaufee is already doing this! Awesome. Rad!

So, two brands based on coffee. If this were Iron Chef, which brand do I think reigns supreme? Hands down, I would go with Fresh Kaufee. For me, the Fresh Kaufee designs are much more wearable. I also love the Fresh Kaufee Java Joe logo and their other logo and insignia tees. They’re real fun with a streetwear vibe. Fresh Kaufee has also got some insanely detailed designs that are very Wotto-like, check out Ghost Roast when you get the chance. I’d love to get my hands on some Fresh Kaufee tees to actually how the two brands compare in terms of T-Shirt build, printing quality, and packaging [UPDATE: I got a hold of some Fresh Kaufee packaging, and they look dope 0 love it! It’s like you’re receiving a fresh bag of gourmet coffee beans. See below for shots of the Fresh Kaufee packaging]. But so far, I’m really digging the Fresh Kaufee designs – AND they smell like coffee!

Fresh Kaufee tees are available for sale at the Fresh Kaufee online shop and are priced from $13-$24.99.

Glenn Jones Illustrates Broken.

I love these videos.

“My drawing process for my Glennz Tees shirt designs, I use the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator and draw with a Wacom tablet. If needed, I draw a quick rough on screen first, then convert that to guides to draw my final illustration on top of that. Start to finish 60 mins compressed into 3.” -Glenn Jones

Go buy some tees from Glennz Tees.

LIFE Cardigan by Threadless Select: Ultimate Gamer Cardigan

A few days ago I reviewed the 8-Bit Dynamic Life T-Shirt from ThinkGeek. I really dug that tee, however, if you’re looking for something a bit more fancy or Geek Chic then look no further than LIFE by Matt Leyen. This cardigan is so understated, relaxed, and cool. You’re a gamer, but you’re not screaming hardcore gamer when you use this cardigan. I admit, this cardigan is sexy.

LIFE by Matt Leyen is available now from Threadless for $44.

Keep On, Muvin On with Muve Clothing

Muve is an alliance of two artists, Mike an illustrator from Washington DC and Ryan a photographer rooted from NYC. While studying at Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles they decided to start a clothing company. Over the years their ideas and designs evolved and Muve was created.

This east coast brand definitely has a unique style. The designs really are a reflection of their home cities. Guerilla has a streetart vibe, reminiscent of New York City, while DC Metro pays homage to the Capital Beltway, connecting DC, Maryland and Virginia. I love the prominent use of lines in the designs and the randomness Guerilla.

“Our company is dedicated to voicing creative freedom with respect to the sub-cultures of past, present and future. Muve signifies a pivotal motion of change in the direction world culture has gone and takes a step to document where we are going through the collaboration of imagery, wordplay and humor.”

Muve Clothing is worth taking a look at. The T-Shirts are priced at $28 a piece and are available now from the Muve Clothing online shop.

Help Fund The Zoetrope Kickstarter Campaign

I love Kickstarter, it’s the perfect service for any budding entrepreneur. Zoetrope, is a brand recently started by Brendan Sullivan. Instead of going the route of submitting his designs to some of the competition sites out there, he decided that he wanted to go 100% independent. And that’s where Kickstarter comes into play.

Brandon has actually already reached his Kickstarter goal, however, with so much interest he though that he’d spread the word even more. And that’s where this blog and you guys (T-Shirt fans and maniacs) come into play.

Wait, so what’s a zoetrope?

“A zoetrope is an old animation device that was a precursor to motion pictures. Basically, you’d have a small cylinder with a whole bunch of thin vertical windows. On the inside walls of this cylinder, you’d put a strip of paper with multiple drawings, and as you spun the cylinder and looked through the little windows, the illusion of movement appeared. They’re very cool, and an ingenious way of creating the illusion of life. Many other devices from that era accomplished similar effects, including the phenakistoscope, the stroboscope, the praxinoscope, and the thaumatrope, all of which are quite neat.”

Cool, now let’s get Brandon more funding for his project! Visit his Kickstarter campaign page here.

Ye Olde Dinosaur Land T-Shirt – Vintage Super Mario Map

Can you traverse the dangerous terrain of Ye Olde Dinosaur Land, to rescue the princess? If so then this is the T-Shirt for you. Or, maybe you just want a Super Mario mashup up map made to look like it was made in the 1500’s. If so then this is the T-Shirt for you. Or, maybe you just need to have everything even remotely related to the Super Mario Bros. and Nintendo. There are a ton of reasons why you should get this SplitReason T-Shirt. What are you waiting for?

Ye Olde Dinosaur Map is available now from SplitReason for $19.95.

Abe Lincoln and the Intergalactic Civil War

In an alternate universe, Abraham Lincoln would not have been assassinated by John Wilkes Booth while watching Our American Cousin on April 14, 1865 at Ford’s Theater. Then again, if we lived in an alternate universe then maybe Abraham Lincoln could have shot back at Booth with laserbeams coming out of his eye balls while a bear-ish Teddy Roosevelt stomped repeatedly on Booth, making sure that his fur got into the deep crevices of his body.

Lincoln is available now from Jon Wye for $29.

Sweetbands: Fancy Up Your Forehead

I don’t think that I’ve ever given sweatbands any love on this blog. That’s about to change because I’ve just discovered Sweetbands and they are awesome! Sweetbands aren’t just for athletes, but they’re for the everyday person looking to spice up their wardrobe. As the Sweetbands founders, Tobin Nageotte and Paul Klinke put it, “Sweetbands are just like sweatbands, except they are totally sweet.” I agree.

They’ve got a wide collection of Sweetbands available for sale, but my favorites include: The Patriot,  The GeauxThe Chomp, The Tenenbomb, The Stache, and The Gay. They’re all so fun. Don’t those product photos make you just want to snag one, or two, or all of them. I know that I want them all!

SweetBands are available now from the official SweetBands shop for $9 a piece.