Never Date An Astronaut

I’m not sure why, but whenever I need to spell the word “astronaut” I always initially want to spell it “astronaught.” Maybe I eat too much doughnuts? Wait, it’s donut. Shit.¬†Anyway, this awesome tee by Katie Campbell is the perfect shirt for anyone with aspirations of exploring space or maybe just need, well, more space.

Never Date an Astronaut is available now from Threadless for $20.

Nifty Notebook Pocket Square Handkerchief

This is a neat little notebook that looks like a pocket square handkerchief. Want to look like Mad Men but slightly more functionality? Try one of these.

Hankie Pocketbook is available now from Animi Causa for $9.99.


Hey, I love running outside. I love feeling the natural air blog against my face. BUT, if I had access to an exercise bike like the one below then maybe … nah, I’d still prefer running outside! Regardless, this is the perfect shirt for your favorite fitness geek!

Choppercizer is available now from Glennz tees for $16.95.