How I Started The Process of Decluttering Facebook

A few days ago, I began to do the unthinkable. I…I began unfriending people on Facebook. The nerve, right? Why would I delete friends when I could easily, and passive aggressively, just hide them from my feed. They wouldn’t know any better, and I would feel a slightly better about myself knowing that they didn’t know.

Screw passive aggressiveness.

I found that the best way to begin decluttering my Facebook feed was to do so with people who are no longer using Facebook. With that in mind, I looked through my Friend List and began unfriending people who had deactivated their Facebook account. Easy enough. A good first step.

The next step in the process was to rid myself of pre-existing friend requests. I had a little over 300 friend requests that I had never confirmed. Every now-and-then, Facebook would remind me of these 300+ friend requests by displaying a number in red, in the site menu, just above the friend request icon. Some of these request went all the way back to 2008. WTF.  I began cleaning that up by deleting the majority of those requests.

Finally, I decided to get rid of people that annoyed the hell out of me. I seriously felt a sense of relief after ridding myself of the five people that most annoyed me on Facebook. [Why were we friends on Facebook anyway?] I suggest that you start with five. Choose five people that annoy the fuck out of you. These are people that make your spine tingle and your face cringe whenever you hear them whine about how they hate life, their job, and the people that probably care the most about them. These are people who are using Facebook to solely market a product that they are selling and consistently trying to get you to buy. These are people who are religious zealots and extremists (both ends of the spectrum). These are people who hate Star Wars, Pixar, or Apple. Of course, criteria will differ from person to person.

In the last two days, I’ve gone from 318 friends to 292. I think an even better number would be 250. An even better better number might be 100. I always tell my students to trim the fat from their papers. I’m simply trimming the fat (and the negativity, drama, and clutter) from my Facebook. This is an ongoing process and there are a few more pounds to shed from my Facebook feed.