CotyGonzales.com was born in 2007 as my personal website, my lifestream on the Internet. After about 2 months or so of on and off blogging I began to focus on a single niche and that niche became T-Shirts! It made perfect sense, since, I am a huge fan of that little cotton wonder and have been so even before I began this website. Once I decided to focus on T-Shirts, or as I like to affectionately call them, tees, I began to engulf myself into the large online tee community. Daily T-Shirt posts soon led to weekly interviews (Indie Tee Spotlight) with some of the most well known indie brands around. Inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk, I decided to launch my very own online show, Co-Tee TV, which is the first tee review show on the Internet and is dedicated to showcasing indie tees and reviewing products sent to me. So to sum things up, yes, I am a T-Shirt loving freak!

Four years later, and my passion for the cotton began to fade. This blog began to feel like work. And so I took a break. A one year break. Which, in Internet time is like a bazillion years. During the time off, I started a new site that sort of took off. While this site sat idle for more than a year, I began to think about blog posts that I’d like to write, that have nothing to do with Hawaii or T-Shirts. And so, those ideas sat idle in my head, as notes in my moleskine, or as private digital thoughts in Evernote. I’d like to share some of these thoughts. To do so, I’m reigniting this website. Welcome to the reboot.

I hope that this website will be much more personal. I’m no longer chasing numbers or page views. I’d like this blog to be more of a reflection of my interests and musings. I hope to incorporate my travels, love for science and pop culture, and personal photography into my posts. It’s been nearly six years since I’ve launched this website. You’ve got to know about my T-Shirt collection over the past few years, now, I’d like to share a few of my other interests. Here’s to hoping that you’ll stick around.

What Are they Saying?

“Coty Gonzales has been my internet friend for years. He has an great website where he reviews t-shirts from all over the world.” -Johnny Cupcakes

“Coty is quickly becoming the main man on the scene. His volume of posts and high quality per post make him a force in the tee blogosphere.” – Color Overload

“the hardest working tee blogger in the whole damn world, Coty Gonzales” – Andy Bowness of Hide Your Arms

“Savior of indie t-shirts Coty is one of, no scrap that, the most interesting, prolific t-shirt blogger around.” – Adam Fletcher of Tee-Junction

I’ve Been Featured on Some AMAZING Websites like:

USA Today

Entertainment Weekly

Johnny Cupcakes


Cult of Mac


Celebuzz | Go Fug Yourself

Guy Kawasaki’s Holy Kaw!

Dark UFO

FAB Blog

Honolulu Advertiser

I have even guest posted for other sites:

Cottonable. I’ve done a few episodes of Co-Tee TV for Rangga Rahimsono’s popular tee site, Cottonable.com!

Tee-Junction, Adam Fletcher was one of the original T-Shirt bloggers. I used to be a daily blogger for him at Tee-Junction.

The TeeDirectory is an online resource that profiles and reviews the Internets best T-Shirt shops. I helped out with reviews and adding shops to the TeeDirectory when it was first starting out.

T-Shirt Magazine is a free online magazine and blog about T-Shirts. I was previously commissioned to do occasional interviews for T-Shirt Magazine.

Want to learn more about me?

Hello World. My name is Coty. Commander Awesome from Planet Radness. I am a professional student. I like chicken but I like Apple Computers even more (if you’re stuck in a Windows world I really do feel sorry for you). I rocked an iPod before it was cool. Shit, I rocked an Apple computer before it was cool, 5620/120 baby. With that said – Steve jobs is pure genius. I enjoy Green Day. Bob Marley is the man. I very much do not like Metallica (especially Lars Ulrich) with a passion. With a Passion. Exclamation. Superman is amazing. I build interactive and content rich websites for fun. I own eight domains.

I love Hawaii. Hawaii is cool – literally and figuratively. Romance is beautiful. Always remember to put oil in your car. I don’t like chemistry but I am learning to adapt. I enjoy the physical, natural and social sciences. Integration is key. I don’t have migraines, but I have lived through them via research. Marijuana and methamphetamines are part of my day job. I game hardcore gamers. You should always have a sound experimental design.

I am an urban carnivore. I will try any food at least once. And I mean anything. I enjoy exquisite fine dining as much as I do hole-in-the-walls.

I am an extreme Hiker with nerves of steel.

I believe that life should be lived to the fullest and with no regrets. I say who gives a fuck about what others think about you because I am quite sure that they don’t give a fuck about what you think about them. Sometimes plain stupidity is a life saver – it makes you smile. In order to have balance in life you need fundamentals – a very smart man once told me that. I am a proud Ilokano specific Filipino, but I am trying to be a better pinoy with every passing day. My grandpa is a Sakada. I can read, write and speak Ilokano. Lived in Hawaii all my life. Talk about leaving but don’t really want to. Even though I own a PhD and am a university lecturer, I still prefer that you call me Coty. Peace out.