Olly Moss China Plates … are Uber Geeky Cool

Olly Moss China plates? File this under drool worthy. Fans of this blog know that I’ve been a fan of Olly Moss for the longest time. It’s no surprise, then, that I would totally dig these gamer-inspired dinner plates. Know someone who loves Pokemon or the Legend of Zelda? Then get ready to blow their mind. Pro Tip: Set the table, dim the lights, play the Zelda soundtrack on the old speaker system, and fill their plates with some turkey and mashed potatoes. They’ll be in for a surprise once they’ve finished all their food!

Not sure when these will be available for sale. Will keep you folks updated.

The Cool Try Enamel Pin

These tiny pins from Cool Try are, errr, quite cool.

Cop one (or two, or three) now for $5.00 with free shipping. Only 150 of these limited edition “Gold metal edge, recessed sandblasted gold center, black enamel” pins¬†were produced.

The Selk’bag: A Wearable Sleeping Bag

The Selk’bag is a genius idea. How did I not know this existed? Sleeping bags always leave me with the feeling of being hopelessly trapped. Sleeping bags are confining and claustrophobic inducing. Sleeping bags kind of suck. The Selk’bag seems much more manageable. I hike a lot in Hawaii and plan to do some overnight hikes. Yes, Hawaii is a tropical island, however, high elevation areas like Mauna Kea and Heleakala can become very frigid. The Selk’bag might be just the thing that I’m looking for.

The Selk’bag is available for sale now and priced from $99.

Premium Alumnium Ampersand by Ugmonk

If y ou’ve been salivating over the 18″ Premium Wood Ampersand, but couldn’t fathom spending $299 for then maybe you want to consider picking up the Premium Alumnium Ampersand instead. This recently released Ugmonk item is 7.75″ tall and available at a much more affordable price of $54. It’s sexy and you know it.

Premium Alumnium Ampersand is available now from Ugmonk for $54.

The Caperon: A Superhero Cape and Chef Apron Mashup

If it was summer then I would be all over this product. It’s called a Caperon. Yes, Caperon. It’s mashup of a superheroes cape and chef apron. It’s radical and the perfect summer accessory. Unfortunately, there are two problems. First, it’s not summer. Although, one could argue that it’s always summer in Hawaii. Despite this, the rest of the world actually experiences real seasons. Second, the Caperon is no longer for sale from Betabrand. Sad, but true.

I want this. I might have to find someone to sew me a personalized one.

This Is Spinal Tape

Looking for some interesting packing tape? This is the roll for you. Brought to you by the fine people over at BustedTees. And of course, while you’re there you can even buy a T-Shirt or two!

It’s also useful for those of you that simply like to put tape on your bodies. Are you one of those?

This Is Spinal Tape is available now from BustedTees for $8. Click on the Fun Stuff category to find it.