Oven Fresh Dreams X Candy Giant

I love when friends make cool stuff to share with the world. This collaborative poster comes to us from our long-time friend Carlos Morales, founder of Oven Fresh Dreams. Reminds me a little bit about that one time I ate a Peanut Butter & Jam Doughnut at the Doughnut Plant. Thanks Carlos. The poster was designed by designer Paul Granese of Candy Giant. You can buy this piece starting March 8, 2014.


This made my day, yesterday.

Missing Missy.

New 604Republic Posters: Game of Thrones, Donnie Darko, and Procrastination

Posters are always cool and the new posters from 604Republic are uber cool. They’re especially cool if you’re a geek. Are you a geek? If you’re a geek then you’ve probably read the fictional work of George R.R. Martin. His A Song of Ice and Fire novels take place in several divided continents. Most of the story takes place on the continent Westeros, but of course, if you’re a geek then you would know that.

They’ve also got two other posters, one of which is an homage to Donnie Darko and that freaky bunny, Frank. Now, I know this might be a very, very, very bad thing….but…I’ve honestly never been able to sit through Donnie Darko. I tried twice. I’ve fallen asleep both times.

All three posters are 12.5″ x 18.5″ (inch) full-color poster priced at $6.95 and available now from 604Republic.