Support Linsanity

I admit that I’ve just jumped on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon. I’ve seen the highlights and I have even sat through a game and watched him play. He is the truth. The only question now is whether or not he can play alongside Melo. We will see. Jeremy Lin is primed to become the first ever bonafide Asian-American NBA superstar. You’ve got my support, buddy.

Linsanity is available now from Nike for $25.

Wear This T-shirt. Send a Black Fax.

It’s not just a black rectangle. No. It’s an homage to the Black Fax. Confused? Here you go, courtesy of Wikipedia.

“The term black fax refers to a prank fax transmission, consisting of one or more pages entirely filled with a uniform black tone. The sender’s intention is typically to consume as much of the recipient’s fax ink, toner or thermal paper or disk space as possible, thus costing the recipient money and/or denying the recipient the use of their machine (this is similar to computer-based denial of service attacks). This is made easier because the fax transmission protocols compress the solid black image very well, so a very short fax call can produce many pages.

Black faxes have been used to harass large institutions or government departments, to retaliate against the senders of junk faxes, or merely as simple pranks.

The basic principle of a black fax can be extended to form a black fax attack. In this case, one or more sheets are fed halfway through the sender’s fax machine and taped end to end, forming an endless loop that cycles through the machine. Not only can solid black be used, but also images which will repeat endlessly on the receiver’s machine until his or her toner runs out.”

Black Fax is available now from Cool Try for $20.

Pure Guts for the Bicycle Enthusiast

This neat T-Shirt available from Degree and by 100copies will likely appeal to the bike enthusiasts amongst you. 100copies is a collection of art prints that not only feature, but is also driven by, the passion for cycling. As with cycling, speed is of the essence, so each piece of work is limited to 100 copies only. Only 17 “copies” remain in small and only 8 remain in medium. Cop these now if you want them.

Pure guts is available now from Degree for $38.

Threadless x GAP Invades A Mall Near You

It looks like Threadless has scored yet another major partnership. In 2010 they hooked up with Thermos and Target Stores nationwide. This year they’ve partnered with GAP and have invaded malls across the United States. I’m sure that this is a huge deal for Threadless that will indeed add nicely to their bottom line. However, I don’t know how I feel about this.

By doing this it’s as if Threadless is losing that element of exclusivity that made them special for me. Or maybe they’ve already lost that exclusive element and I’ve just been ignorant to it. It no longer is the case that you need to be in the know when it comes to Threadless. With the new GAP partnership, any Tom, Dick, and Jane can walk into one of the 3,248 GAP stores spread across the United States and pick up a Threadless T-Shirt.

Of course, this is great for the designers and the exposure that they will be receiving. It must be a seriously cool feeling to walk into a GAP store and see your hard work on display. However, is Threadless spreading itself too thin? Do they risk becoming another Quicksilver, Hurley, or Billabong? I mean, there’s nothing wrong with Quicksilver, Hurley, and Billabong. Except my mom knows about each of those brands. Heck, my grandma probably does too. They aren’t exclusive brands like, or maybe how, Threadless used to be. Maybe Threadless has grown and no longer wants to be a niche brand that caters to the small crowd of artists and designers littering the Internet. Maybe Threadless wants world domination. Whatever it is, I just hope that Threadless tees never end up on a shelf at my local Wal-Mart. That, my friends, would be fucked up.

With that said…where’s the nearest GAP?

8-Bit Karate Kid

Oh my, it’s been way too long since I’ve mentioned our good friends over at Found Item Clothing. Macho Slut, I hope that you are doing well! With that said, all of you 80’s kids MUST check out this 8-Bit Karate Kid T-Shirt. It’s A-W-E-S-O-M-E. It’s a Mortal Kombat x Karate Kid Mashup. The Brits would call this one brilliant. And I’d have to agree with them.

8-But Karate Kid is available now from Found Item Clothing for $19.95.