5 Twitter Tips To Get Brand Exposure

This is a follow up to a post that I made last month regarding how you can use MySpace to market your T-shirt designs. I continue with the social network theme and describe 5 handy tips of how you can utilize the micro-blogging tool, Twitter, to maximize exposure of your personal brand. 

1. Engage in conversation. This tip is probably the most important when trying to use Twitter to gain exposure for your brand. The more you interact with the people you follow and your followers the more engrained you will become in the collective conscious. The more you @ reply and dm (direct message) people the greater the chance that they will remember who you are. The ultimate goal is not only to build on the relationships of those you follow but for you to develop strong relations with your followers.

2. Automate Twitters Across Platforms. It doesn’t make sense for you to tweet a message and then type out the same message to update your status on other platforms like Facebook, FriendFeed and Pownce. Make these platforms work with each other. For instance, every time you make a tweet you can instantly have your Facebook status updated with the same message. Similarly, when you Pownce, you can have that Pownce message automatically made into a tweet. FriendFeed is a cool aggregator of social networks so you can have your tweets automatically appear in your FriendFeed profile as well. Now instead of typing the same thing 4 times across 4 different platforms, you just need to do it once. 

To auto update your Facebook status with your most recent Twitter tweets:

1. Install the Twitter for Facebook application
2. In the Twitter for Facebook application 
3. Click the “Allow Twitter to Update Your Facebook Status” button just above the text box.

Check this post out to see how you can sync Twitter with Pownce. 

3. Friend Up. Do you have a particular niche that you’re interested in? Let’s take for example T-shirts. If you blog about T-shirts then it would make sense for you to be friends with people on Twitter who are also interested in the T-shirt culture. Here’s what you can do, you can actually search Twitter by going to search.twitter.com. Look up key words related to your niche. For instance, I am interested in tees so I did a Twitter search of people talking about Emptees and Threadless. Once you find these people, follow them. Chances are that they will follow you and then get your Twitter updates as a result. Now that you’ve found these people, chances are they are friends with other people interested in T-shirts, so be sure to check out who they follow as well. Also remember to search for friends feature in Twitter to check your email (i.e. Gmail) for contacts who are already on registered on Twitter. Find your audience and be friends with them. Feel free to add me @cotygonzales!

4. Sync Blog Posts. This is a no brainer. Every time you make a new blog post, tweet about it. Again, you can automate this process, however, for this instance I do not. I always provide a personal message quickly describing the post and make it sound interesting (hopefully increasing the chances that my followers will click on the link) instead of having just a generic automated link to the blog post. However, if you decide to take the automated approach, check out Twitter Tools for WordPress, it allows you to sync your blog with Twitter and provides different ways of displaying your tweets on your blog. 

5. Be Interesting, Fun and Tweet Outside Your Niche. It’s important for you to Twitter about things related to your blog (see Tip #4) but it also important to tweet about things unrelated to your blog. People like out-of-nowhere tweets that raise an eyebrow or two. Tweet about random and fun things that happen to you throughout your day. Random posts remind people that you are human and not just a robot spamming Twitter with links to your blog!

Twitter is powerful. Learning to harness that power will unleash an invaluable tool for anyone trying to develop a name or brand for themselves in this increasingly social-centered Internet.

By the way, here are some Twitter T-shirts that might peak your interest!

You can also find more Twitter themed tees at Eat Sleep Tweet!

Threads – A New Threadless iPhone App!

Here’s a great and fun little iPhone app that I just discovered while perusing the Threadless forum boards. Developed by Threadless user Ian Marsh (eeenmachine), Threads allows you to easily browse in-stock designs at Threadless straight from the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Not only can you browse Threadless tees, but you can buy tees directly from within the App (ok, this is a stretch, the app forwards you to the Threadless site via Safari). The app also makes use of the accelerometer – you are shown a different tee design every time you shake the phone while the app.

Even cooler, you can save these beautiful designs directly to your iPhone by tapping on the camera icon. Onc you click the camera icon all onscreen menus disappear and your left just with the design. From there you use the screen capture trick and then images are saved to your photo album and can then be used as Wallpaper for your iPhone! Pretty slick little app, I think! The app itself is snappy and works excellently on my first generation iPhone.

The Art of T-Shirt Folding Explained!

Here’s a great video that I found on the Emptees forum board (posted by Cole). The YouTube video, titled “How An Engineer Folds A T-Shirt” shows, step-by-step how you can construct your own fancy T-Shirt folder using a ruler, a razor blade, cardboard and some tape. 

Turns out, based on the replies in the video, this is how many of retailers get that perfect fold on the tees that they stock on their shelves. So if you’re interested in making a fancy tee folder then watch on!

And now for those of you who are too lazy (myself included) to make one of those cardboard concoctions then check out the famous “How To Fold A T-Shirt in Two Seconds Japanese Style!” video.

And for the intellectual types, check out this video explaining the “technicals” of the two second fold (who knew?!).

Interview With Threadless Founder & CEO

Here’s an interesting interview of Jake Nickell (Founder and CEO) and Jeffrey Kalmikoff (Chief Creative Officer) of Threadless. The interview was done by Tara Hunt is actually part of a set of videos she has been posting on Viddler to lead up to the release of her new book, The Whuffie Factor. The book actually talks about how social networks can be used to build business. So it’s no surprise that Jake and Jeffrey talk about how Threadless has utilized the online community at Threadless to help build the Threadless brand. 

I found this over at Jason Cosper’s blog, Preshrunk. Kudos to him!

Indie Tee Spotlight: Electric Zombie

I can’t believe 5 weeks have flown by since I started the Indie Tee Spotlight! For the 5th edition of the Indie Tee Spotlight, I am more than happy to introduce Kyle Crawford and his clothing brand, Electric Zombie. Kyle has an eclectic style and works full time as a designer for Equal Vision Records and has previously worked at Warner Bros. Records. Many of the designs that he does for Equal Vision can be found at tee haven Hot Topic. Let’s just say that Kyle is no amateur, he is a seasoned pro, that is currently making a living for himself doing what he loves.Â

“You just have to adapt, and suck it up. It comes with the job. There’s a million designers, a million brands, all trying to be the best. Throwing in the towel really just isn’t an option.” – Kyle Crawford

I had the fortunate opportunity of interviewing Kyle about his brand Electric Zombie, his upcoming Halloween line as well as his taste in music. He currently has a ticker going on his MySpace and once that ticker hits zero, he’ll unveil his new Halloween line. He also provides unique insights, both positive and negative, regarding the clothing industry.Â

Coty: You used to work for a fellow indie clothing company, Rockett Clothing. How was your experience at Rockett and what made you leave to start Electric Zombie?

Kyle: Working with those dudes was amazing. They gave me such great opportunities. I probably would have never started band merch design if it weren’t for them. The first band designs I ever did were for Versus the Mirror. The thing thats crazy is I now work for the label they were signed to, crazy how things work out. Things on the other hand did not work out for Rockett and I because we’re just too different of people. It went from designing for them to being friends with them. They are so laid back and chill and I’m pretty serious about my work. When things don’t go a certain way I freak out and panic and become a real asshole. So I think after time it just became more grueling for the both of us. Other things led to the breaking of the relationship. As you can see by their product now, there’s nothing we really have in common anymore.

So due to financial problems, and those said differences I made a few calls and started printing the first EZ line in October of last year. Put it out in Decemeber and it’s been a pretty cool experience ever since. A lot of people, friends, and bands supported me and got me to do it. I’m pretty thankful for making the decision.

Coty: You’ve got a new Halloween line coming out this month (See the ticker on his MySpace to find out exactly when the line will be released). Tell us a little about the new designs.

Kyle: This to me is the best thing I’ve ever done, period. I know a lot of brands say that, just to get the hype. But I have 8 really strong pieces coming out. It’s been way stressful and yet exciting/rewarding at the same time. I hired out for half of the line because I’m not the only one who has the same passion for this holiday. I’m trying new things such as techniques to make the shirts look more vintage, as well as printing on a new type of tee. I’m just trying to go over the top, well as far up as I can handle and just make it fun for everyone. There’s some limited edition poster packs coming out, hand numbered and packed with a 8×8 sticker and some buttons and candy. Every order 2 shirts and under, gets their order in a pretty awesome box I put together with some of my work and 2 other artists. I have a massive contest. It’s just going to be amazing. I still have so much more work to do, I’m not even close to finished!

Coty: You spoke quite passionately on your blog a few days ago about companies that sell their tees for a premium of $30 to $40. Why does this make you so mad? How has this influenced how you operate at Electric Zombie?

Kyle: I mean I just don’t get it. I know how much things cost and I know how everything works. It just blows my mine that people charge that much. With me selling my stuff at the prices I do, I’m already making more than double my money back… I understand we all want to make money. But you also have to keep your customer happy. I run Electric Zombie as if I were the customer. I’m definitely not in it for the money. I just want kids to respect and rep my line. They’re are some lines that do deserve to charge that much, because they do massively custom products. But for someone to charge 28+ dollars for a shirt with a a 2 color print no bigger than 12 inches. It’s pretty insulting, but hey they get away with it.

I will say that my prices will go up a little more just due to the fact that I’m doing 8-10 color shirts now. Custom boxes, crazy extras, a new custom type of tee and just the time I spend getting all these things together. Lots of people and brands have help, I don’t have that luxury. I try and make it as fun as possible for myself. I watched 2 movies back to back while putting 500 goodie bags together. You just have to do it. I might not have the money or the funds to make my company blow up. I’m hoping that the hard work will make it happen.

Coty: Your designs have been featured by bands and retail stores like Hot Topic. Who are some of the bands that you’ve worked with? What’s it like for you to walk into a retail store like a Hot Topic and see your designs.

Kyle: The whole band merch thing is way crazy. I can’t believe how popular it’s been for me. I seriously only like about 15% of the work I do. When I think back to when I graduated high school all I did was play around on Photoshop, backyard wrestle and go to shows. Music was pretty much everything to me from high school and on. Some of my favorite bands are now friends of mine. It’s super weird. I would have never thought in a million years that James Dewees would ask me to be Hungry Bear on tour, or that he’d call em up to talk about his cd art and doing merch for his final tour. Or Chad from New Found Glory calling me up randomly to ask for EZ shirts and to tell me how well their merch I designed is selling. I’m still just a fan boy. It’s just insane.

The first real band job that I got that wasn’t associated with Rockett was, Avenged Sevenfold. I remember getting a phone call saying they loved my art and wanted some merch designs done. They bought 3 of my designs which went to Hot Topic. Ever since then they were slowly going in there. Hit The Lights was the next, then From First To Last, H.I.M, it just kept growing and growing. I still can’t believe it.

To me it’s like an every day thing, it’s part of my job here at the label so it’s not as exciting. I go into Hot Topic at least once a month to see how many shirts are in there and to see what everyone else is doing. I see a lot of Skull With Hair, Cobra Starship Stuff.

It was way overwhelming at first, but now it’s just so common. Still an amazing feeling though!

Coty: You currently work for independent record label, Equal Vision Records. What has that experience been like for you? Explain to us a bit about what you do at Equal Vision and what that experience has been like for you.

Kyle: I had been an Employee of Warner Bros Records at the time when the whole EVR thing happened. My contract was expiring with WB and they wanted me to move out. I even had the apartment secure, all my stuff was packed and everything just fell apart. Such a huge entity like WB, they have so many people involved. Lawyers, contracts, negotiating, on and on and on. I was over it. I had been freelancing for EVR for about 2 years. They also helped me and provided me with a lot of the Hot Topic work. I would just touch base with them and be like, you know my contract is expiring. You know I wouldn’t mind moving. It was on going for a few months. They finally flew me out in January and I was blown away. With the label to the scenery, it’s awesome. The seasons are changing now, the colder weather and leaves and what not. Man it’s so great! HA! but back to the question at hand. Basically what I do here is merch design, go figure right? I do most of the ads for publications for the label. Believe it or not a lot of Hot Topic stuff comes from here, so I’m basically the Hot Topic designer here, which is why I was so nonchalant about it. So basically 9-6 every day of just shirts. It’s a really cool laid back place to work. The people here are nice. It’s like a tight knit family. I feel lucky to have been given the job.

Coty: Since you work at a Record Label, I am sure that your taste in music is quite eclectic. What bands/groups are you currently into?

Kyle: Oh man this is such a good question. I would have to say my favorite albums this year are definitely (in no order of course): Dead and Divine, Misery Signals, The Faint (album of the year for me), A Static Lullaby, Underoath and Weezer. I’m super weird and I have different tastes of music in different times of the year. Once summer ends, it’s like goodbye Angels and Airwaves, hello August Burns Red and Deftones! I have a nice mix up, poppy to hard breakdown driven to dance, like chromeo for example. Such a good band. I have a pretty wide range but it’s also a very picky one.

Coty: I usually end these interviews by asking what bit of advice you’d give to an aspiring indie tee designer. I’m going to change it up a bit for you and ask you something different. What keeps you motivated to keep on working on Electric Zombie despite the negative aspects of the merchandise world?

Kyle: When you love what you do and are passionate about something, there’s nothing that can stop you, especially from your dreams and goals.

There’s times when I’ve felt like giving up, I think everyone has. But you just have to look at the big picture. I feel so lucky to have the success I have. I think sometimes your best work comes from when you’re the most down. Like you have something to prove. So I welcome the negativity, it matches my attitude and I thrive on being challenged. I like that I design for a shitload of bands, I like that I’m the Hot Topic guy. I’m stoked at the popularity of EZ. If you want things like that to continue, you just have to adapt, and suck it up. It comes with the job. There’s a million designers, a million brands, all trying to be the best. Throwing in the towel really just isn’t an option.

I thank Kyle for taking some time out of his busy schedule to talk a little bit about tees and music with me! I am sure that this is not the last that I’ll be writing about Kyle or Electric Zombie. If you’re interested in learning more about Kyle be sure to check out his website and blog or if you want to purchase some of his tees then be sure to check out his online store!

Awesome Threadless Quilt

An intrepid member of the Threadless community, ladykat, has spent the past year putting together a quilt made up of Threadless tees donated by members of the Threadless forums. Last June (2007), ladykat proposed the idea of creating a Threadless quilt by asking for donations of used Threadless tees that people didn’t want anymore. 

The response from the Threadless community was astonishing. ladykat received nearly 100 shirts, enough to make 2 full size Threadless quilts comprised of 49 Threadless t-shirts arranged 7 squares by 7 squares. Each square prominently displays a design from one of the many unique Threadless designs. Very cool.

What’s even cooler is that ladykat will be giving away the one-of-a-kind Threadless quilt (this includes her hardwork and the donations of countless Threadless members!). To be eligible to win the quilt you need to 1. Write an original short story, essay, or poem somehow relating to Threadless tees or designs (1000 words max), 2. Enter the Threadless Calendar Contest, 3. Join the Threadless Product Shots Group on Flickr and upload at least one product shot. Click here to read the official rules of the contest. If you don’t win the contest, don’t worry, remember there are two quilts! The second Threadless quilt will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to charity. Get ready to bust out your checkbook if you go that route!

And without further ado, heres that awesome Threadless quilt made from donations and love!

UPDATE: I just got an email from ladykat (Kate) herself and she wanted to clarify what she’ll be doing with the 2nd quilt that she’ll be making. 

“The auction for charity thing went by the wayside because I really wanted any Threadless fan to have a shot at winning the quilt, which would have meant a raffle rather than an auction, but there’s no easy way to do a legit raffle online. There are all sorts of weird state laws with raffles, it’s totally annoying. I ended deciding that my priority was having someone who cared win the quilt.”

“So yeah, it was actually a tough decision but I really wanted the quilt to go to a good home and just couldn’t figure out the charity thing in a good way. Originally I was just planning on making a quilt for myself, but when I got all those tees I knew I had to make another to pass on to a Threadless fan… and I knew I had to start with the one that I’d give away because otherwise I might never finish it! Someday… somehow… I’ll finally get around to that second quilt. :-)” – ladykat (Kate)

Interview with DBH Winner AJ Dimarucot

Fresh off his big $10,000 Design By Humans win, AJ Dimarucot (aka CollisionTheory) sat down to talk with me about his winning design Black Hole Sun, the stress of competition and the power of networking and family. 

Coty: Congratulations on winning the Design By Humans $10,000 contest! You must be really excited. DBH stretched out announcing the winner for an entire week. Did that stress you out? How did you find out that you won and how did you respond?

AJ: I was stressed out during the whole competition from the Final 10 to the announcement of the winner! I found out I won through my Mom and Dad who called me up 4:30am Saturday my time. It was cool and sort of expected, only because the daily votes indicated that I was on the top spot for the whole finals week. My first response was to check out the site on my crappy cellphone.

Coty: What was your inspiration for Black Hole Sun? What did you try and accomplish with this design?

AJ: I’ve recently been inspired by space/galaxy imagery and I’ve always wanted to do a design based on the solar eclipse. I like simple designs that overpower the shirt, also thought it was cool to use negative space – the shirt color being the “hole”, indicating the moon blocking the sun. DBH mentioned they can print anything with up to 14 colors so I really pushed the original design without thinking about color restrictions. I really think that the colors made the design.

Coty: DBH changed the colorways for the printed version of the shirt. How do you feel about this? Do you prefer your original colors over the DBH assigned colors?

AJ: I was really hoping they printed the original colors because it really made the design come alive on the shirt. In fact, I was expecting to see that when I checked my phone after I found out I won. When I saw the yellow and red on black I just thought my phone was acting up and the colors were off. I only realized it was the colorway they chose when I finally checked the site on my laptop.

They did print the correct colors on the white and grey tees though which was cool. Just thought the design itself got printed bigger, either that or the model was wearing an extra small shirt. To be honest, I was a bit sad at first but I guess DBH has their technical reasons and can do whatever they want with the design since it’s now theirs. I just hope people who voted for the original colorway still buy the shirt.

Coty: To win you had to get a ton of votes. Jimiyo went all out with promoting his top 5 tee. Did you do anything special or extra to publicize Black Hole Sun?

AJ: Funny you mentioned Jimiyo because every time he came out with something to promote his design, I tried to come with something on my own because it pressured me to get more votes!!!

Here’s some of the things that probably helped me win:

a) I gave away a couple of vectors at vecteezy.com after I saw Jimiyo give away animal vectors on gomediazine.com. I asked for votes in return.

b) Also placed some banner ads on targeted websites during the semi-finals week. I figured I could spend up to $1,000 to win the $10,000. I ended up spending around $300 worth of banner ads.

c) My parents became my best campaign managers after they email blasted the plea for votes to everyone they knew. They have a huge network and it just created a ripple effect.

d) I emailed a local newspaper about being a finalist and they featured me,my t-shirt designs, and my plea for votes.

e) I was an invited speaker at a local design conference called Graphika Manila, which included Tokidoki, Pixar, and other Filipino artists. So I ended up pimping my design to around 1,000 people.

Coty: Finally, I think most people are interested to know how you’re going to spend/use the cash prize?

AJ: Well I’m a family man so this goes partly to investing for the future. But before that, I’m bringing the family to Hong Kong for some R&R, maybe upgrade my laptop (Mac?). Also planning to give some money to our supportive parents. Lastly, I’m putting up a baby clothing business with my wife – we want to do onesies. So I guess I’m also going to be the designer for that. Do watch out for it. =)

Black Hole Sun is now available in the Design By Humans online store in three different shirt colorways. AJ, a Manila native, who calligraphy and bold patterns. He enjoys freelance and collaborative work. You can find out more about him and his work at his site, Collision Theory.

CollisionTheory Wins Design By Humans Contest!

Congratulations to CollisionTheory for winning the huge $10,000 Design By Humans T-shirt design contest! CollisionTheory’s Black Hole Sun edged out BRCollective’s Altitude Sickness tee to win the coveted prize. 

“Inspired by solar eclipses and my continuous fascination with all things cosmic. Credit goes to Chris Cornell for the shirt title. =) This will go well with my Electric Sky shirt. Hope you like it.” – CollisionTheory

CollisionTheory did leave a post on the Emptees boards after someone posted a congratulatory thread. Here’s what he said:


“Wow! This is the best thing to wake up to. It’s a little disappointing that they didn’t print the original colorway I designed though.

Anyway, I’m honored to have competed against the best. It reaffirms my belief that my less drawn, abstract style can go well against the top illustrators in the game .After all, art should be diverse and dynamic so I’m bringing my own style and vision to the table no matter what other people say.

To Jimiyo, even in competition, you have been supportive and pushed me to promote the design the best way I could. I owe you a beer my friend.

And lastly, to emptees, had it not been for this site, I would not have matured into the artist I am today. And winning in any tshirt competition would have been farthest from my mind. So I hope this serves as an inspiration to every guy and gal starting out.

So there just had to say that. Now go buy my shirt you foolz!” – CollisionTheory

Indie Tee Spotlight: Rethink Clothing

Welcome to this weeks Indie Tee Spotlight! This week I feature Rethink Clothing and its founder, Andy Meyer. Rethink Clothing is a unique clothing brand with a unique target audience and unique designer base. I was fortunate to have been able to have a word with Rethink’s Andy Meyer to discuss his brand, his designs and the future of Rethink Clothing. 

Coty: Rethink is unlike any other clothing company out there. Your clothing company has adopted a different approach when it comes to choosing designers. Explain this premise to me.

Andy Meyer: At Rethink I am really trying to switch up how things are done design wise. The unique thing is that I chose only college enrolled artists. Now, I am willing to admit I have had one designer who wasn’t in college. You may think, doesn’t this ruin your core premise? Not really, Grant is a high school kid, who has become a friend of mine through Emptees. While he isn’t in college you will be happy to know my money went to buying his parking pass for school and towards his car so he can get to college.

Coty: As graduate student myself, I know the college students are a feisty and particular bunch with a lot of punch. What attracted you to choosing college students as your designers?

Andy Meyer: Actually in my working I have encountered little feistiness and more welcoming arms. I see Rethink as a way for designers to have a great outlet for their talent and great start to a portfolio. Also, any college student who is looking for an actual worthwhile project other than some B.S fake sign for a fictional donut shop. More than that though is the fact that each designer brings some different background, edge, style, talent, and attitude. I think this all leads to a stronger brand with mucho appeal.

Coty: You mentioned in the past that Rethink is run solely by you. Is this still the case? What advice do you have to for intrepid youngsters wanting to start their own line of tees?

Andy Meyer: Rethink is still only staffed by me. Now this isnt really the case, I have a solid support network of friends who help me make decisions, balance books and promote. Advice to all your entrepenureal readers, have your ducks in a row before you start. This was kind of a joke and reaction to some hilarious decisons while at a party and I started something with little knowledge or idea of what I wanted. So make sure you have your mind right. Also gobs of money and gorgeous women to model wouldn’t hurt either.

Coty: You’re about to release some new tee designs to your online store, talk to us a little bit about these designs. How do each of these new designs reflect the Rethink Brand?

Andy Meyer: Yes sir. Well I have only one more new design coming out and new scheme of the super soaker shirt. The shirt by Andrew Olivier is awesome. He is a college freshman from Canada and an awesome artist. His style is something new for rethink, but the theme is something I love. On the shirt you can see a city on a shelf which is falling and there are people parachuting out of the buildings. This is Rethink at its heart – something airy, fun and not what you would expect or find anywhere else. I am starting now to hone my design choosing skills to things that you cant find elsewhere and that have an air of oddity to them, such as a half naked lady on the wing of a space shuttle.

Coty: Aspiring wrestler, Johnny Vinyl, earned sponsorship from Rethink Clothing earlier this year. Any new sponsorship developments?

Andy Meyer: Not for now. Johnny is a wild man though which is awesome, he is quite the college entrepenuer which is what really make me wanna sponsor the guy. Also, It is always nice to know my shirts are being worn by a man flying off the ropes, it brings up my brands street cred. I am always looking to sponsor someone who has a unique edge to them, whether that be an awesome band or a collegiate underwater basket weaving team. Know anyone???

Coty: Shirt.Woot has featured Rethink clothing as side deals twice now. Have you submitted Rethink designs to be a Shirt.Woot tee of the day? How has being featured on Shirt.Woot affected sales at Rethink?

Andy Meyer: Awesome, Awesome, is all I can say about Shirt.Woot and Phil at Woot in general. They have extended to me an amazing oppurtunity that has helped expand me into a fledgling little business. I haven’t submitted anything to Woot on the design side, probably because most of my designs look like I did them while drunk and in MS Paint.

Coty: Finally, for students interested in designing for your company, how would they go about doing this?

Andy Meyer: Really, the way I do it now is by having students send me an email saying they are interested, what style they like to do and a portfolio of some past work. When I see a project that will be awesome for the brand then I will hit them up!

*Thanks to Andy Meyer and Rethink Clothing for taking the time to discuss all the cool things happening at Rethink. Keep up the great work!

Jimiyo Takes 4th Place in DBH Contest

Featured Indie Tee Spotlight artist, Jimiyo, finished 4th place in the big $10,000 Design By Humans contest. Not the finish he wanted, but nonetheless, he finished in the top end amongst a handful of very talented artists. Here’s what he had to say on his blog:

“At least it’s a hot looking shirt. One color too.. and they are selling it for $24? They are going to be making some good margin on this shirt, as well as, for the $1000 payout to me, I did some massive promotions. Was all the work worth it? Not sure. The $1000 is definitely not worth the time investment, but then is having participated and reached the top tier level of the contest worth the time investment? Because theoretically, many new eyes have been exposed to my name and work. Still feel Defeated, but elated it’s finally over. Now I can start workin!” – Jimiyo

Only thing left to do now is to go and buy his T-shirt!