Alcatraz Photos!

Here are some pictures taken during our tour of Alcatraz, enjoy!

Indians Welcome (and Filipinos)

Indians Welcome (and Filipinos)

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I’ve always wanted to go to Alacatraz, and now I have been there!

Just Arrived in San Francisco!

It was colder than I expected! And of course, I flew in shorts and a t-shirt! The nippy air was a nice surprise. Nonetheless, we’re here and we’re excited to get this vacation started! Here are some pics of the place that we’re staying at:

From the backFrom the front this time. Nice, Huh!

The doorman that greeted us had quite a stern look on his face, but then when he found out that we were from Hawaii he started chatting about the Turtle Bay Resort. He asked if I had ever been there (of course), and then described how stunning Hawaii looked on film (he just saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall). 

I am pretty excited that the hotel has a fitness room! Yay for that. I can do some cardio in the morning, to prep for even more cardio (via trekking the famous San Francisco hills). Oh, and the hotel also offers complimentary DVD’s – then again, I don’t intend on spending much time in doors but the option of free DVD’s is nice! The room that we are staying in is very spacious, even the bathroom is roomy.