Lessons Learned While Binging on House of Cards Season 2

Having a cold sucks. It starts with a sore throat. For me, that sore throat reared its ugly face during President’s Day Weekend. Maybe Valentine’s Day was a bit too indulgent this year. The sore throat inevitably led to muscle aches, a runny nose, headaches, and miserable congestion. Being out on sick leave for a week provided me with the perfect opportunity to binge watch House of Cards. Released, ironically, on Valentine’s Day. Nice work, Netflix. Forcing people to choose between their loved one or conniving Frank Underwood.

My existence, for the past week anyways, has been threefold:

  1. Sleep
  2. Watch House of Cards
  3. Take NyQuil

That was it. And so, as you can imagine, I’ve had some time to really digest Season 2 of House of Cards. What did I learn? A lot. Here are ten bullet points, in no particular order:

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There is but one rule: Hunt or be hunted.

~ Francis Underwood

Heroes: Season 3 Rumor Roundup (Part 2)

As Heroes Season 3 inches closer to its September premier the rumors continue to flow, and if you’ve read Part 1 of the Heroes Season 3 Rumor Round Roundup than you know that there are already a ton of rumors floating around. Here are the latest:

E! recently reported that in the future “Sylar has a four-year-old named Noah (which has to be in memory or honor of our Noah Bennet, aka H.R.G.), and according to Zachary Quinto, Sylar’s baby mama is “silver-tongued and alive. I don’t know what else to say. I can’t give that away—it’s too good.”

Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) will be back despite being shot (presumedly) to death in the finale of Heroes Season 2. He discusses his role in Season 3 here:

And here’s Nathan’s promo poster:

In a recent interview with Pop Wrap (NY Post), Dana Davis reveals that Monica’s storyline “storyline wraps up fairly quickly” in Season 3. Thank goodness because I found Monica’s character and mimic abilities to be somewhat annoying. Anyhow, she goes on to explain why the character is being cut: “Dana: “Heroes” didn’t get the same critical or fan acclaim in season two, so I think the creators felt a lot of pressure because the ratings dropped and it wasn’t nominated for any Emmys. And with the strike, I feel like the writers had a lot of time to sit around and think. They wanted to come back really strong and go back to what the show was in season one – less drama, more action. And they took it in a different direction that didn’t really include Monica.”

Finally, NBC just released the official description for the two-hour season premier episode. Some key points:

  1. A key villain from the past appears
  2. Episode begins moments after Nathan is assasinated
  3. Sylar visits Claire
  4. Hiro and Ando need to safeguard a family secret
  5. Daphne is introduced
  6. Suresh makes a breakthrough
  7. Tracy Strauss is introduced
  8. Sylar attacks the company and battles Elle, in the meantime, a dozen Level 5 criminals escape
  9. Claire finds out something new about her powers  

UPDATE: I just stumbled across the first 15 minutes of episode 1 of season 3! It’s a video someone took at Comic Con 2008. Check it out here:

Favorite Commercials from the 2008 Beijing Olympics

One thing that I love about major sporting events are the epic commercials. Here are 5 commercials from the 2008 Beijing Olympics that left a lasting impression on me. Which commercials were your favorites?

All That You Need is Inside of You

Nike USA Basketball and Marvin Gaye

Nastia Liukin 2008 VISA Go World Commercial

It’s Simply That They Are Human, and We Are Human – Go World

The Best of Us – Heroes

Heroes: Season 3 Rumor Roundup

With roughly one month to go before the three-hour season premier of Heroes Season 3 on NBC, I gather up and spit out to you what is currently known, rumors included, about the upcoming third season. Beware, it’s spoiler heavy. 

  1. Season 3, as far as we know will consist of two volumes, volume one is titled “Villains” and volume two will be called “Fugitives.” Fugitives, according to Tim Kring, will make up the last 12 episodes of the season. 
  2. According to the season 3 trailer, a few villains have already been revealed. These include: Sylar (duh), Adam Monroe (How does he escape the coffin Hiro left him in), Daphne Millbrook (speedster), Echo DeMille (sound manipulating mailman) and a bald pyrokinetic.
    The last two of these villains are currently incarcerated in Level 5. 
  3. A bunch of season 3 spoilers also originated from this years Comic Con. Here they are as reported by EW.
    • The action begins with a “future” Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) coming back to modern day in an effort to shoot Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) before he exposes their secret powers to the world. 
    • Matt (Greg Grunberg) discovers future-Peter’s real identity — but is banished into the middle of nowhere before he can do anything about it. 
    • Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy) finally isolates Maya’s (Dania Ramirez) powers in chemical form, and uses a syringe to inject himself with the magic elixir rather than give the girl what she wants — freedom from the hell of her super-human affliction.
    • Sylar (Zachary Quinto) traps Claire (Hayden Panettiere) in her house and literally rips open her head to steal her thoughts and ability to defy death, while…
    • Hiro (Masi Oki) disobeys his dead father’s command and opens up the office safe that holds part of a formula that, if completed, could destroy the world. Of course, it’s confiscated within seconds by a mysterious, time-traveling blonde. 
    • There are also brief appearances by Niki (Ali Larter) — now looking professional and dating (or married to?) an older man — as well as Noah (Jack Coleman), who’s locked up in an inescapable prison cell. Oh, and keep an eye out for a new animated image (painting?) that look likes the Earth is cracking in half.
    • And did we say a newly powered-up Mohinder gets to finally kick some ass? 
  4. Spoiler Geeks also listed the following rumors on their spoiler blog
    • A Japanese woman is thought to play a role in Ando’s life.
    • Nikki, after her apparent death in Season 2 will be replaced by one of her alter egos.
    • Nathan will be back even though he was shot.
    • An Officer Warren will be Monica (Micah’s cousin) love interest in New Orleans.
    • Knox is the name of one of the new villains as will be acted by Jamie Hector (The Wire, Law & Order: SVU, Jericho). Here’s what the actor had to say about his role on Heroes: “My character’s name on Heroes is Benjamin “Knox” Washington. I can’t really disclose much about him, but I can tell you it’s a lot of fun. So many special effects — and it all winds up looking so real.” – Jamie Hector
  5. And finally, casting news regarding season 3:
    • Jessical Collins will join the cast as “Sophie”, and whose character is described by The Hollywood Reported as “a mysterious woman with powers who works at the organization that is tracking all heroes.”
    • Former West Wing actor, Richard Schiff, will play an unnamed character who will have an impact on Mohinder (Mohinder is easily swayed).
    • And finally, Wynn Everett, who recently starred in Charlie Wilson’s War, will play the villain with Flash-esque speed, “Joy.”

There are a lot of things to be excited about regarding the upcoming season of Hereos, my friends. I hope that Heroes Season 3 will build on what was done in Season 2 and be as good as Season 1. What are you looking forward to in Season 3? What rumors do you know about? Post them in the comments.