Nerd Daddies Unite: It’s The Gameboy Onesie

This is freakin’ cool. If I had a kid he’d be rocking this onesie. It’s a custom made item and in fact only one is available for sale. If you want this then buy this right now. Seriously.

The Nintendo Gameboy Onesie is available now from Etsy seller The Wishing Elephant for $18.

Do The Carlton!

This highlarious shirt comes to us courtesy of The Printed Mind and was designed by illustrator and artist, Gaunty. I grew up watching The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air and so when I spotted this tee over at Emptees images of Carlton doing his patented dances started to flow through my mind. Carlton was infectious and his moves, well, they were corny yet classic.

You can pick up Do The Carlton from The Printed Mind for $19.99. Relieve the 90’s with some Carlton swingin’ goodness!

Do The Carlton

Do The Carlton