It Came Out of Nowhere by Aled Lewis

Here’s an excellent tee from Aled Lewis that was recently available at Shirt.Woot as the shirt of the day. The tee is called It Came Out of Nowhere and although no longer available for 10 bucks, you can still pick one up at $15. 

This is 2009 and in this day and age, no one ever has enough time for anything. The best solution? Time travel! Doesn’t that car remind you of the Doc Brown’s modified DeLorean DMC-12 from Back to the Future? My question for those of you reading this: If you could go back in time and see one major even in history, what would it be? 

It Came Out of Nowhere by Aled Lewis

Coty Loves Threadless #10 – Skittles and a Phallic Giraffe?!

Monday’s mean Threadless video time and a whole lot of winks! 6 new tees this week and each are awesome in their own way but how do they hold up in terms of the all powerful wink. All I can say is that this week Sean Mort takes the cake and is my Threadless Pick of the Week!  Also, be sure to check out and vote for my TypeTees slogan submissions – I’m submitting one every day until I get printed! Come on Threadless, I need a Threadless shield that I can call my own!

Coty Loves Threadless #10 on YouTube. Also, I’ll give you a hug if you subscribe to me on YouTube!

The Gaming Revolution by Sean Mort is my Threadless Pick of the Week!

The Gaming Revolution by Sean Mort

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Threadless 2008 Bestees Winners Announced!

The results are in and the winners of the Threadless 2008 Bestees Awards have been announced! Red by Kneil Melicano took home the big prize – People’s Choice for Design of the Year. I did “not bad” on my Bestees predictions, guessing just 3 out of the 12 awards correctly. That’s not bad considering the sheer amount of designs and designers at Threadless. I was able to predict ir0cko as Gallery Photographer of the Year, Monster Mash as Collaboration of the Year, and fatheed aka Aled Lewis as Designer of the Year. 

I have to admit that I am surprised that Red by Kneil Melicano took home the big $20,000 prize. There was major hype surrounding When Panda’s Attack and Foam Monster In Emotional Reunion with Severed Limb. Congratulations to Kneil for beating out some awesome designs! 

Here are the rest of the winners, congratulations for all:

 Threadless 2008 Bestees Award Winners

The Foam Monster

Aled Lewis, also known as fatheed in the creative circles, has been doing an excellent job in promoting his Foam Monster. Lewis’ Foam Monster In Emotional Reunion With Severed Limb is one of the twenty Design of the Year finalists in this year Threadless Bestees Awards. 

Lewis has designed a couple of very fun designs, each of which could be a tee design of their own, based on his original Foam Monster submission. My favorite has got to be the Star Wars parody, Foam Monster In Difficult Encounter With Estranged Father! These are so good, so much so that the Threadless crowd (well, the guys that hang out in the forums, at least) are having a blast with these. 

Will it be enough to push Foam Monster over the Top? The last day to vote is tomorrow (January 26) and the winners will be announced on February 2. Be sure to get your vote in!

Foam Monster In Emotional Reunion With Severed Limb

Foam Monster In Difficult Encounter With Estranged Fathe

Foam Monster In Fruitless Back-of-Couch Search, Attempting To Locate Missing Limb.

Foam Monster in Slow Moving Queue for Severed Limb.

Threadless Top 20 Designs of 2008 Announced

About two weeks ago I posted my predictions for the Threadless 2008 Bestees Awards. My pick for Design of the Year went to When Pandas Attack by Jimiyo vs. AJ Dimarucot. And guess what, my pick has made the Top 20! Awesome. Let’s see if they can go all the way and win the $20,000 prize.

Some of my other favorites from the Top 20 include Friday I’m In Love by Loy Valera, Foam Monster In Emotion Reunion With Severed Thumb by Aled Lewis, and The Food Chain by Olly Moss. I’d be pretty happy to see any of these guys win!

I’ve put together this image showing the Top 20 Threadless tees of 2008as voted by the Threadless community. Which is you favorite? Who do you thin will win Design of the Year?

Threadless Top 20 Designs of 2008

The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life an amazingly designed tee by designer Aled Lewis (aka as fatheed), a frequent submitter to Threadless who has had his designs printed many times before. If you’re unfamiliar with his designs, check out some of my Aled Lewis favorites: Punk Rock Cock, Self-Sufficient and Eating Brains, Throwing Shapes. 

The Meaning Of Life - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

If you like The Meaning of Life then be sure to vote for it at Threadless. The more votes, the greater the chances of it being printed!

On a side note, what is the Meaning of Life to you?