Two New Releases from AlrightOK

I missed this while I was away on vacation but while I was gone our buddies from AlrightOK released two new T-Shirt designs. Both Truckin’ and A-OK are now available at the AlrightOK online store for $18. Both are solid designs but I especially like the simple white print of the A-OK design on the ash blanks. And even better, A-OK can be worn inside out! Both of these new tees are available now for just $18. And since Alright OK is part of the Attack of the Coupon Codes promotion you can save even more by using the coupon code “coty” at checkout and save an additional 20% off your entire order!



Best Young Brands of 2008

Clothing blog, The Art of Apparel, has an interesting post up that is allowing visitors to vote for their favorite (young) indie tee brands of 2008. The Art of Apparel admin, MadeByMAS, has stated that many of the brands that he chose for voting are ones that frequent the tee site Emptees and doesn’t include oldies and more established brands like Johnny Cupcakes.

The poll consists of 15 different brands including: AlrightOK, Dekay, Electric Zombie, Fuzzy Ink, Linty Fresh, Mediocore Clothing, Prestigious, Rethink Clothing, Slugabed Clothing, Snakes & Suits, Suffoca, The Horror Project, Word! Apparel, Zombie Liquorice, and 410BC. 

Congratulations to all the brands that made this list – it surely must be an honor to be recognized by one of your peers! Keep up the great work.

The Art of Apparel