Premium Alumnium Ampersand by Ugmonk

If y ou’ve been salivating over the 18″ Premium Wood Ampersand, but couldn’t fathom spending $299 for then maybe you want to consider picking up the Premium Alumnium Ampersand instead. This recently released Ugmonk item is 7.75″ tall and available at a much more affordable price of $54. It’s sexy and you know it.

Premium Alumnium Ampersand is available now from Ugmonk for $54.

Valvoline Oil Can Promo T-Shirt

Check out this excellent Valvoline promo shirt that I first spotted over at addicteed and Lovely Package. The unorthodox packaging was designed by Eric Stevens for Borders Perrin Norrander. No word on if these will be available for sale.

“Promo piece designed to embody the history of the Valvoline brand (hence the “throw back” 50’s-era can design) while giving gearheads a practical (and pre-oiled) shirt that they could wear proudly while wrenching in the garage on the weekend. The label copy lists some of the values, venues and personalities that the Valvoline brand has come to be associated with over the 100+ years of its existence.”

Valvoline Promo T-Shirt

Valvoline Promo T-Shirt