Glennz Tees Early Bird Sale

Our pal Glenn Jones from Glennz Tees is holding one his popular sales, which doesn’t happen all that often. So what does this mean? This means that you need to head on over To Glennz Tees, scope out your favorite designs (if you’re a regular reader of this blog then you should have a couple of Glennz Tees already in mind) and add them to your shopping cart because everyone knows that these tees will go fast.

True Story: A couple of months back, Glennz was holding a similar sale. I really wanted Office Chat, but decided that it worth waiting for until the last day of the sale. Wrong move! The shirt was sold out in my size. Bummer! Don’t let this happen to you.

All shirts are currently priced at $13.95 (regularly $19.95).

Here are a few of his latest designs:

Of Two Minds

Surprisingly, I have not yet covered 200 Nipples on this site before, until now that is. 200 Nipples is a unique bred of T-Shirt site that sells one hundred of a single shirt design every month. And hence, with each month they can potentially cover 200 Nipples! Each shirt is numbered and the number of the shirt is also the price of the shirt. Therefore, the strategy if you want to buy a tee from 200 Nipples is to shop early so that you don’t end up spending one hundred dollars on a tee that you could have got for a buck!

The August tee at 200 Nipples is called Of Two Minds and features a cute angel and a sinful devil. Balance is a good thing, I guess! The starting price for this shirt (at the time of me writing this post) is $38.

200 Nipples