Co-Tee TV Episode 89: Mad Cow, Dead Puppies, and Lotsa Swag

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I review two logo T-Shirts from Mad Cow and Dead Puppies Clothing. Mad Cow started in 2004 as a skateboard company. Now in 2011, Mad Cow has taken the leap into the apparel industry and strive to offer high quality products in the skate and clothing industries that anyone can enjoy. Mad Cow concentrates on promoting the idea of being yourself. Dead Puppies Clothing is a brand based out of Philadelphia that is bringing a fresh approach to streetwear while having as much fun with popular culture as possible.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Mad Cow Logo Tee by Mad Cow. Pros: Right away, I was impressed with the package that Mad Cow sent me, even before I saw the T-Shirt. The Mad Cow packaging is very neat and goes very well with their “cow” theme. They decided to go with a milk box for their T-Shirt packaging! It seems obvious for a brand whose theme is cows, but, to actually go forward with such a crazy idea is very cool. When you rip open the milk box, you’ll find your Mad Cow tee neatly rolled and waiting for you.

I received the Mad Cow Logo Tee to review and couldn’t be happier. I’m a sucker for logo tees and the Mad Cow logo is fun, simple, and somewhat curious. Curious in that I’ve already had a few people ask me what the cow was and what brand I was wearing. They used an Anvil blank which had a nice premium style fit. The fabric was also nice and soft.

Some of the T-Shirt details include a custom neck tag and tag on the lower left seam of the T-Shirt. Both are excellent additions and really add to the quality feel of the T-Shirt. You’ll also find a custom hang tag, which is neatly presented on hard cardboard stock  and not flimsy paper stock like other brands. The QR code on the back is also a fun addition to the hang tag and a great way to engage your audience and get them to visit your website.

Cons: The Mad Cow packaging was stellar and well thought out and the product had a nice build with a lot of custom elements. The only issue I had (and I had to dig deep for this one) was with the “registered trademark” symbol [®] on the front of the tee. I know it’s there for legal purposes but I tend to favor tees that bypass this. Needless to say, the Mac Cow logo tee was a very well rounded T-Shirt with great packaging.

Price: $20.00.

Dead Puppies Logo Tee by Dead Puppies Clothing. Pros: The Dead Puppies Logo Tee features a bright teal outline print on a black T-Shirt. The logo definitely pops out of the pitch black tee. The tee is also tagless, which is great for those of you who cut them off anyway. Instead of a tag, you have a screen printed neck label instead. Another great feature of this T-Shirt is the custom DP embroidered tag on the lower left hem of the T-Shirt. The label is very subtle, with just the white lettering popping out. On the back of the tee you’ll find the initials DP.

The product itself, the Dead Puppies T-Shirt, is flawless. The shirt feels great and you can tell that a lot of thought went into the tiny details. I’d love to see the logo used in different ways for future products – maybe some parody tees?

Dead Puppies also included two other products in the package that they sent me, including their Wayfarer styled sunglasses and their blue Straight Jacket watch. Seriously, it’s like they read my mind before they sent this package. I’m a sucker for wayfarers and actually have a few Ray Bans. The blue Dead Puppies sunglasses don’t have the same build quality of my Ray Bans, but, they feel good and fit great. And, they’re like 75% cheaper than a pair of expensive Ray Bans – count me in. They also come with a nice pouch for when you’re not wearing the sunglasses. The logo is printed on both sides of the shades, I kind of wish that the logo was a separate metal or hard plastic emblem affixed to the shades. Other than that, for $12, you really can’t go wrong.

The final part of the swag pack that Dead Puppies Clothing sent me was their Straight Jacket blue watch. I was definitely most excited when I saw this item for the first time. I’ve actually been wanting to pick up a similar styled watch. The watch looks good and feels good when worn. At first, I didn’t notice an obvious Dead Puppies branding on the watch, however, when I took a closer look at the face I did notice the DP initials. This is awesome – no obvious branding, instead, they let the product speak for itself. Very nice. It also comes in a snazzy box with a little pillow to protect the watch. Imagine if the rest of the packing was just as nice.

Cons: Everything about the products was stellar. I definitely said “wow” more than a few times when seeing the products for the first time. The only let down was the packaging. The products are so great that I kind of wish that the packaging was just as good.

Use the code “COTY” for 20% off at Dead Puppies Clothing!

Price: Dead Puppies Logo T-Shirt ($24.00); Dead Puppies Sunglasses ($12); Dead Puppies Straight Jacket Watch ($30).

Also mentioned in this episode:

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Threadless Holiday Gift Guide 2011

It’s that time of the year again! You know, the time of the year when you go out and buy a lot of cool stuff for your friends and family for Christmas! But who said you have to “go out” and leave the comforts of your own home to get cool stuff. Stay home, sip on some hot cocoa while listening to holiday music, and do all of your holiday shopping online at Threadless! This is 2011, after all. Mall shopping is like, so passé.

Not sure what to buy from Threadless? I know, I know, they’ve got tons of amazing stuff – but what should you spend your hard earned cash on? That’s were I come in to help. The friendly peeps over at Threadless asked me to put together a list of my favorite Threadless items. And of course I said hell yeah! Now, you don’t have an excuse to not pick something up from this Chicago based purveyeur of goodness.

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T-Shirts! This is Threaless’ bread and butter. If anything, pick up a Threadless tee and relish the comfy fit. I’ve picked three of my favorites for you: Stereotype Cereal by Dina Prasetyawan, Retold with Unicorns by Branko Ricov and Jonah Block, and Optimust by Phil Jones. Price: $18.

It doesn’t get all that chilly in Hawaii. Ah yes, HAWAII! But whem it does, I love to wear hoodies and Threadless has got some awesome hoodies! They’ve got the zip kind and the non-zip kind – you choose! If you feel like exposing your inner Michael Cera then pick up a Threadless hoodie! My two picks are Traditional Greeting by Paulo Bruno and The Pen is Mightier than the Sword by Clarice Crawford. Price: $29.

Over the last year, Threadless has released some real drool worthy accessories, including backpacks, totes, water bottles, and laptop/iPad cases. You’ve got something for every geek, nerd, foodie, artist, hippie and almost any other kind of person that you can think of. And although there are tons to choose from, these are my favorites.

I Be Au Sm is one of my all-time favorite Threadless designs. And now, they’v got it in Backpack form. Love it! Price: $59.

I’ve got a thing for good typography. And so I was drawn to Budi Satria Kwan’s ampersand themed Peace and Love. Price: $15.

Threadless Stuff on Thermos Stuff = double rainbow cool. Yes! When these first came out I rushed to Target to pick my favorite up. Which was my favorite you ask? Well, of course it was the iconic Funkalicious by Christopher Golebiowski. Price: $15.

Another iconic design that made it onto a Threadless accessory is the Tom Burns design, The Communist Party! It’s Christmas, let’s party! But first, if we’re going to party hard then we need to protect our precious iPhones! Why not do it in Threadless style? Price: $19.

If you’re buying an iPhone case for a fellow tehnogeek, then you may also want to consider picking up a laptop or iPad case. Why do boring black when you can do Threadless fun? These cases will have you covered! I suggest Liquid Shot and Sugar Skull. Price: $39-$54.

Finally, for those of you looking to pick up a grab bag gift or some stocking stuffers, consider these fancy little Threadless Dooodle Packs! They’re perfect for your doodle needs. Price: $9.

Co-Tee TV 84: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear an exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-Shirt from Nickelodeon. Last March, Nickelodeon flew me up to Los Angeles for a sneak peak of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles television series (to be released in 2012). I talk about the event and what I thought of the sneak peek, or the mutation in progress. I hint at reviewing a tee from The N-Spired Story, but the episode goes long and so I end up reviewing The N-Spired Story in episode 85 of Co-Tee TV (check back tomorrow for that).

By the way, this is a little weird but I am playing catch up. You see, I recored a bunch of episodes earlier this year but never posted them. As such, some of the things that I talk about will seem grossly out of date. My apologies. Casualties like this happen when you’re stressing out over finishing a PhD. Needless to say, I will be posting these episodes over the next few days!

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-Shirt by Nickelodeon (designer unknown). Pros: For the most part, I review the event and sneak peek of the new TMNT show in this episode and not really the T-Shirt. However, I have to say that I love the new look of the turtles, which is featured on the T-Shirt. And to my surprise, it wasn’t printed on a cheap Hanes T-Shirt, instead they used an American Apparel blank.

Price: Not available; given to those who attended the sneak peek event at Nickelodeon studios.

[NOTE: I usually have an embedded gallery of photos right around here in the review post, but for some reason, I can’t seem to locate the photos that I took for Episodes 83 and 84. Instead of prolonging the wait to get these episodes out, I have decided to go ahead and publish the post minus the gallery. So don’t worry, the galleries aren’t gone for good, they’ll just be missing in Episodes 83 and 84].

Also mentioned in this episode:

Dirt Pudding Cups with Worms

Fanboy and Chum Chum

The N-Spired Story

The sucky Apple iPhone 4 bumper

Groundhog Day

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Hidaki: This Brand is Legit

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, one of the best things about running this blog is that I get to meet some very interesting people. Sometimes I get to meet them IRL (in real life), while other times, we meet through emails or tweets that go back and forth. So I’m really excited today because I get to show off some designs from a reader of this blog that introduced himself to me more than a year ago (because of a post that I did about LOST).

Hidaki is a new brand from designer and animator Ilan Gabai. The brand is based in New York and is a project of passion that Ilan has been developing for some time now. The current line consists of 5 different designs, with some in varying colorways. You’ll notice right away that Hidaki is all about creating hyper real designs using big and bold colors. Admittedly, the man behind these designs is a talented fellow as noted by some of the projects that he’s worked on in the computer animation industry:

“The following year after that I enrolled in to the animation department at Pratt Institute, in NYC. I graduated in 2007 and worked for the next 4 years animating in the TV and film industry. Some of the projects I have worked on include Fast & Furious, Chuck, Fringe, Ben 10, V, Rescue Me and Lost. I recently jumped boats to feature animation, and work for one of the top animation studios in the world.”

It’s also rare that someone enjoys and actually loves what they do for their day job, while also having a side project that they are just as passionate about:

“I really do have a cool job and I love it! But I need to create things for pure fun, like I used to back in the day. Searching for a new challenge, I decided to begin with T-shirt designs. Creating designs that people would want to wear all day seemed like something that would keep my brain activity in high gear. Hidaki is my outlet of genuine fun and creativity. Everything I create starts in my sketchbook, and is is drawn from my surroundings.”

These are definitely all things that I can get behind and support.

My favorites of the bunch have got to be City Pigeon and Hidaki Boombox (not shown here, you’ve got to go to the Hidaki shop to check it out). City Pigeon not just for it’s Gestlat-ish qualities and crazy colors, but because it makes me miss NYC. Hidaki boombox simply because I love to support indie brands, and this one features a variation of the Hidaki logo. The T-Shirts themselves are printed on 100% Fine Jersey cotton American Apparel Tees and use premium “soft touch” silk screened inks. No doubt these will likely be some of the most comfy T-Shirts that you’ll own. The Hidaki shirts are priced at $25 a piece and are available now at the Hidaki online store.

New Designs From Milk & Eggs Co

Our friends over at Milk & Eggs Co. just released a slew of new T-Shirts that are definitely worth checking out. I actually think this new line is a step up from their last release, which I thought was a bit too “kid-ish” for my taste. Needless to say, I think that Milk & Eggs Co. really do excel with their simple illustrative style, with each shirt telling its own story.

My favorites from this line has got to be 3D Eyes – it’s minimal and a bit haunting. I love it! Walk Like an Egyptian is hilarious. At first I thought that was a turkey on the top of the pharaoh’s head and with its fall colors it would have made for the perfect Thanksgivings T-Shirt.

The new Milk & Eggs Co. T-Shirts are available now and are priced between $20-$22.

Nocturnal Naptime

It’s been a while since I’ve featured a T-Shirt from our friends over at Omunky. Part of the reason why this is the case is because Omunky took a little break from printing new T-Shirts. However, the eco-friendly brand is back and stronger than ever. The new tee is called Nocturnal Naptime and I think it’s their best T-Shirt to date. It’s simple and yet it’s hilarious. I just love how the tinge of yellow pops from the black T-Shirt.

Considering that most owls are nocturnal and hunt during the night, one must wonder why the owl in this particular shirt is dozing off. There can only be one explanation. The owls featured must be either burrowing owls (Speotyto cunicularia) or short-eared owls (Asio flammeus). These types of owls are active during the day and therefore can afford to be lazy at night. There is an explanation for everything!

Nocturnal Naptime is available now from Omunky for $22 but you can score 15% off your entire order by using the coupon code COTY at checkout!

Domestic Pandas

This fun little shirt was spotted over at the popular online game site OMGPOP. I have no idea what the pandas are in reference to, though I have to assume that they are characters from one of the many OMGPOP games. I’m not a big online game player so I wouldn’t know. I was actually just browsing the OMGPOP website because my roommate, who is addicted to these online flash game websites, happened to be on OMGPOP.

I took a look at their blog (after I registered at OMGPOP and played a little BALLOONO*) to see what was up and then I noticed that they had a few T-Shirts for sale. Domestic Pandas caught my eye. I found the thought of “domestic” pandas to be quite hilarious. Not sure why. Maybe it’s because pandas are so damn lazy. They are slow moving. All they do is eat. And eat. And eat. And they eat bamboo no less. But don’t let that fool you. I’ve heard that pandas can be just as crazy as their mono-colored American counterparts aka the brown bear aka Ursus arctos.

And because I’m in a fact giving mood, here are 10 strange and weird panda factoids:

  1. A panda’s diet is 99% bamboo.
  2. Beneath a pandas white fur their skin is black and beneath the black fur their skin is pink.
  3. It takes baby pandas 50-60 days after birth before they can open their eyes.
  4. A panda tooth is seven times bigger than a human tooth.
  5. They spend up to 16 hours a day eating.
  6. A panda cub is about the size of a croissant.
  7. Pandas bleat like goats rather than roaring like bears.
  8. Pandas like alone time.
  9. Pandas don’t hibernate.
  10. Pandas sit while eating.

But back to the T-Shirt. You can pick up Domestic Pandas now from OMGPOP for $15.

*If you want to play a few games of BALLOONO with me on OMGPOP then feel free to add me as a friend!

You’ve Been Shot: Augmented Reality T-Shirts

This is pretty neat and grim and sad at the same time. I’ll start with neat. So it’s neat because the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) took part in a unique campaign to bring attention to the illegal slaughtering of Siberian Tigers by poachers in Moscow. To do this, they distributed white T-Shirts featuring a line drawing of a tiger. It’s neat because they were able to couple the T-Shirt with augmented reality technology so that whenever an individual stepped in front of a special screen at one of the boutiques offering these T-Shirts the augmented reality would kick in and they’d see themselves getting shot. They could also visit a special website that would detect the T-Shirt and provide the same effect.

Getting shot is grim. Even if it’s virtual.

And it’s quite sad that we have to resort to to such things just to grab peoples attention, especially when it comes to tiger killing. Tigers are awesome! What’s even worse is that I doubt this will have any effect on the poachers themselves?

I propose vigilante violence. The WWF should go all Batman on those Siberian Tiger poaching fools. Kind of like how they do on Whale Wars. Do it.

Christopher’s Den

I always knew that Christopher Robin secretly wanted to strangle Winnie-the-Pooh. He is constantly getting his head stuck in that darn honey jar – I’d want to strangle him too! Glenn Jones of Glennz Tees took things to the next level and had Winnie-the-Pooh gutted, skinned and turned into a rug suitable for the den of anyone who takes issue with a honey addicted bear who doesn’t like to wear pants.

Pick up Christopher’s Den now from Glennz Tees for $19.95 and give it to that 48 year old Winnie-the-Pooh addict that I know you know.

Christopher's Den

Christopher's Den