UQ Tee: Do You Want To See The Back of Me?

Bad tempered. Moody. Don’t Admit To Anything. One could argue that I can be all three of those things (sometimes at the same time). Then again, most of the time I’m a pretty fun and easy going guy. And that is basically what UQ Tee is all about, mixing our virtues and vices, our good and bad characteristics. Each tee design features human contradictions printed on the back of the shirt.

The idea of UQ Tee was derived from Hugo Quinta of Lisbon, Portugal. It’s a spin-off from a web project of his called Life Paper.

“This idea is a spin-off of another project of mine, called life paper (available only in Portugal), that consists of surprising someone on one day, by taking him/her to visit places related with his/her life past and present to meet important friends and family in each one of them. Last year I did a postcard campaign to promote this project, focused on bad characteristics from each one of my surprised customers. Some people told me that it would be fun to make a brand of t-shirts based on the same concept, which I did. So here I am.” -Hugo Quinta

The shirts are available in in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. If you love wordplay, then I think that you will dig these T-Shirts. My favorite from the bunch is I’m Moody, which also features the words but sweet scribbled on the other end of an arrow. Love it! My only gripe with these T-Shirts is that they all seem to feature the same front design, featuring the UQ Tee logo and the words Do You Want To See The Back of Me? I think it would be cool if it was just the back main design placed on the front of the T-Shirt.

If you dig these UQ Tees then you can pick them up over at their online shop for €22.00 each.

Go Ape Shirts Gets Head Crazy

Our friend Josh Perkins of T-Shirts recently released a pair of T-Shirts for his Go Ape brand. It’s been a slow year at Go Ape, with just two releases (see Vintage Pretension and Memento Mori) previous to these new tees. I have to say that Josh really picks up the pace with both Mask of Dooom by WalrusHead (top) and Valholla by the WorkSteady. Both designs are intricately head heavy, especially Mask of Doom, which looks like a mix of Native American art infused with 80’s pop art. Valholla is a nice mix of photography with vector art.

Mask of Dooom and Valholla are both available now at Go Ape Shirts for $18.

Dooom by Walrus Head

Valholla by theworksteady

One Smart Monkey by Arrow

Chimps are amazing animals. This tee reminds of the semester I spent in an Animal Learning class watching videos of chimps doing amazing things. See below an example of a chimp participating in an experiment of short term memory and then a human male repeating the same experiment. It’s amazing, trust me.

One Smart Monkey is a new tee from Uneetee and it features an anthropomorphic chimpanzee decked out in a long sleeve tee and spectacles. This tee is printed on an American Apparel tee and is available for $19.99. It’s available in limited quantities and sizes so act fast!

One Smart Monkey