Co-Tee TV X Cottonable Contest + Tons of Prizes!

Co-Tee TV Contest


We’re giving away ALL FOUR of the T-Shirts reviewed in the special Cottonable episode of Co-Tee TV to ONE (1) lucky reader! What do you need to do? Fill in the bubble (download Attached Photoshop File Below) with something funny, sarcastic, humorous, cute, etc and WIN ALL FOUR SHIRTS courtesy of Limitees, Stove Monkeys, Art of the Fan and Ban T-Shirts.

Rules, not much. The only requirement is that either (or combination of) “Coty”, “Co-Tee TV” or “Cottonable” PLUS the brand of the shirt (i.e. Stove Monkeys, Art of the Fan, Ban T-Shirt, Limitees, BLXNK) has to be included somewhere in the photo, either in the bubble or outside the bubble. You can submit as many entries as you like! There are four different photos for you to choose from, one for each of the four tees reviewed in this episode.

When you’re done with your photo entry, post here in the comments if you like but REMEMBER to post it on the Co-Tee TV Facebook Fan Page. And then email your hires entry to cotygonzales at gmail dot com. Got it? Okay, get to it!

Contest ends Thursday August 13, 2009 at 11:59pm Hawaii Time.

BTW, you can do whatever you like to the background (that’s why I’m giving you the Photoshop file). Change it up if you like. Above all, be creative!

The Coty/Cottonable Contest PHOTOSHOP File (108 MB).

BTW, you can do whatever you like to the background. Change it up if you like. Above all, be creative!

Prizes? Over $100 Worth of Shirts!

One (1) The Vierek T-Shirt by BLXNK and available at Limitees ($40 value)
One (1) Save The Foie by Stove Monkeys Shirt ($25 value)
One (1) Art of the Fan Signature Shirt by Art of the Fan ($24.99 value)
One (1) Dinosaurs Against Creationism Shirt by Ban T-Shirts  (17.95 value)

Co-Tee TV Episode 27: The Cottonable Episode!

Welcome to this special edition of the Co-Tee TV! It’s the Cottonable Edition of Co-Tee TV that Rangga of and I have been collaborating on for the past month. In this episode I review 4 very different indie brands, including: Limitees, Stove Monkeys, Art of the Fan and Ban T-Shirts. If you enjoyed this episode be sure to leave a comment below and let us know! We’d love to do more episodes in the future and we would like to have your input!

Want to Win All Four (4) Shirts Reviewed Below? Read on to find out how!

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Coty’s Thoughts:

The Viereck by BLXNK and available at LIMITEES. Pros: Each shirt is individually packaged in a plastic bag, custom hangtag, printed on an American Apparel blank so the fit and feel is great. You’ll like this shirt if you’re a minimalist and/or an art aficionado. Cons: Some people might “not get” this shirt. I say interpretation should be left to the buyer! The print on this shirt was the thickest of the four tees reviewed here. Price: 28 EUR ($40).

The Viereck

Save The Foie by Stove Monkeys. Pros: Fun designs, especially for those who love Foie Gras! Unsure of what kind of shirt was used but the fit was good and the cotton was soft. The shirt comes individually packaged which helps to keep out odors and liquid during shipping. Screen printed in three different areas: back, front and inside neck. Tagless for itch free comfort. This shirt should make you smile, if not, then you’re not human! Cons: Not much, I really dig this shirt! Price: $25.

Save The Foie

Art of the Fan Signature Shirt by Art of the Fan. Pros: Art of the fan is the place to go if you’re a fantasy football fan, they’ve got this niche cornered! The signature shirt is the first Art of the Fan tee not produced by CafePress so that is a huge plus. I thought that this tee had the softest print of all four shirt reviewed. Perfect shirt to get for members of your Fantasy Football league or to give out as prizes! Cons: Not tagless. Most people will argue that the Hanes tee is one of the drawbacks to this shirt but I was pleasantly suprised to see how comparable it was in fit to American Apparel blanks. This was the only shirt of the four reviewed that did not come individually packaged in a separate plastic bag. Price: $24.99.

Art of the Fan Signature Shirt

Dinosaurs Against Creationism by Ban T-Shirts. Pros: I love the colorway of this shirt. I’m a fan of this Grass Green American Apparel blank! You don’t necessarily buy this shirt for design but rather for the message. If you’re a fan of Darwin and evolution then this shirt is a must have. Cons: Not tagless. Some might say the design is a bit cartoony, but I dig it. Price: $17.95 but use the coupon code “coty” to receive 10% off your entire order at Ban T-Shirts.

Dinosaurs Against Creationism

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