Lucha Libre Unicyclist

I’m not entirely sure what the story is behind this particular T-Shirt from Babablon Tess, but it’s fun and quirky and interesting. It sort of reminds me of a sketch that you’d find from a budding artsist’ sketchbook. The shirt is called Unicyclist but the character riding the unicycle reminds me of those mexican wrestlers, though he’s missing the quintessential lucha libre mask. Cool shirt.

Unicyclist is available now from Babalon Tees for £20.

My tip for this particular artist/brand (who is a graphic designer and musician from Bristol, UK) is to give us more of the story and inspiration behind the T-Shirt. Right now it’s just a wrestler on a unicycle, but what’s the story behind this image? What inspired you? This should all be in the product description.