Custom Wallets by Beetnik Aesthetics

That guy named Loren, from Beetnik Aesthetics, recently unveiled the newest item to his line – Wallets! These bi-fold wallets constructed of full-color cardstock between durable transparent vinyl features the slogan Love Your Mother. The wallet also features some earth-friendly drawings, which I think adds a nice touch! You can pick one up from Beetnik Aesthetics today for just $12.

This Beetnik Aesthetics wallet features:

  • large money pocket
  • 3 card pockets
  • convenient ID pocket 
  • durable vinyl & heavy duty stitching 
  • crosshatch texture for added security in money pocket

Love Your Mother Wallet by Beetnik Aesthetics

Love Your Mother Wallet by Beetnik Aesthetics

Love Your Mother Wallet by Beetnik Aesthetics

Beetnik Aesthetics Releases Two New Tees

I am so excited by the new release by Loren from Beetnik Aesthetics! It’s the long awaited follow up to his initial release and I have to admit that these new tees are awesome. Although he released just two new designs, both are available in two colorways each, and, according to Loren, have improved in the quality department. 

1) Higher quality tees – ringspun cotton is lightweight, super-soft and very comfortable, and the tees are more fitted and stylish than the first run of tees.

2) Soft prints – the inks aren’t thick or plastic-like, and almost blend into the shirt. I love this!

3) The colors POP! The pictures really don’t do justice for these shirts. The inks are almost neon, and look absolutely fantastic (especially on the darker shirts).

4) Gradients – my first time experimenting with color fades, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

The tees are available now for the introductory price of $18 (regular price is $22). And just so you know, I checked out his stock and it looks like these are super limited, only a few in each size is available. When I say a few I mean less than 10! So if you want em’ go get em’ now!



Universal Love

Universal Love

Beetnik Aesthetics – Droppin’ the Beet by 50%

Beetnik Aesthetics is a new clothing brand started “by a guy named Loren” as the Beetnik website says. Built on the notion that, “the world is your canvas”, Beetnik Aesthetics is a “lifestyle clothing brand that strives for hope, peace, love and more. One idea. One thought. One dream. Anything is possible with a forward thinking mind.”

They’ve just opened up shop and to celebrate the grand opening, Beetnik Aesthetics is having a 50% off sale on all items. This is a huge savings since regular priced tees are currently priced at $24 and on sale now for just $12. The sale ad on the Beetnik site does not have an end date so I am assuming that it will run until the official February 1 opening date. 


The Beetnik tees look really fancy – I like them! Loren’s first release, which includes 4 different tees, are cohesive and go well with each other. He doesn’t mention the type of blanks he uses other than the mention of them being printed on 100% cotton. My favorites of the bunch include Paint Your Momma and Inject Love. All tees are tagless and come with screen printed tags instead. 

I really dig the look of the Beetnik Aesthetics website, especially the in your face purple! However, I think one major feature that is currently  lacking is the ability to leave comments on the Beetnik blog. Please add that feature, Loren! It’ll help you to build a community around Beetnik Aesthetics.

I am excited by Beetnik Aesthetics and am looking forward to future products. Best of luck with the grand opening! 

Paint Your Momma

Beetnik Aesthetics