Beetnik Aesthetics Releases Two New Tees

I am so excited by the new release by Loren from Beetnik Aesthetics! It’s the long awaited follow up to his initial release and I have to admit that these new tees are awesome. Although he released just two new designs, both are available in two colorways each, and, according to Loren, have improved in the quality department. 

1) Higher quality tees – ringspun cotton is lightweight, super-soft and very comfortable, and the tees are more fitted and stylish than the first run of tees.

2) Soft prints – the inks aren’t thick or plastic-like, and almost blend into the shirt. I love this!

3) The colors POP! The pictures really don’t do justice for these shirts. The inks are almost neon, and look absolutely fantastic (especially on the darker shirts).

4) Gradients – my first time experimenting with color fades, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

The tees are available now for the introductory price of $18 (regular price is $22). And just so you know, I checked out his stock and it looks like these are super limited, only a few in each size is available. When I say a few I mean less than 10! So if you want em’ go get em’ now!



Universal Love

Universal Love

Co-Tee TV Episode 16: 57 Cuts, Doubletake Clothing and Battlestar Galactica

In this episode I wear 57 Cuts from AlrightOK and review Bears, Beets, Battlestar… and You Are What You Eat from Doubletake Clothing, a Virginia based brand started by two very good friends who have known each other for forever and have a common passion of service and awesome shirts! Use the coupon code “cotyeats10sushi” on your next Doubletake Clothing purchase and save 10%. As always, enjoy with tea and a comfy tee!

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Bears, Beets, Battlestar… by Doubletake Clothing. Good: Simple yet effective design, comes in two color options (black or blue), printed on American Apparel so you know that you’re getting a soft tee and if you’re familiar with American Apparel than you know what size fits best, perfect shirt for any fan of The Office. Bad: Very solid shirt but wish it was tagless, slightly pricey despite being a single color print. Price: $20.00 but you can save 10% if you use the coupon code “cotyeats10sushi” at checkout.

Bears, Beets, Battlestar...

You Are What You Eat by Doubletake Clothing. Good: Printed on American Apparel, great fit, shirt is super soft, love the green, the print is amazingly soft (love that), great shirt for funny people. Bad: Same as above. Price: $20.00 but you can save 10% if you use the coupon code “cotyeats10sushi” at checkout.

You Are What You Eat by Doubletake Clothing

57 Cuts by AlrightOK. Keep the knives away! Huge print here, an older design so a little different from the current AlrightOK offerings, 50/50 polycotton blend, cheap! Price: $8.00.

57 Cuts by AlrightOK

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Doubletake Clothing Opens Up Shop

Doubletake Clothing is the newest brand to enter the T-Shirt market – and they’ve put their own spin on things. Doubletake, run by two good friends, is focused on collaborating with different artist on producing high quality designs and then using a portion of the profits to get involved with the community. Both Brandon and Craig, founders of Doubletake, have soft spots for serving the community and so they’ve developed a brand that centers on that. 

They’ve launch their store with a single tee, one that was made in honor of the hit NBC show, The Office. The tee is called Bears, Beets, Battlestar, and, according to Doubletake, “is tested and proven to evoke the most absurd symptoms from fellow fans. Symptoms may include (but not limited to) laughter, crying, nose bleeds, sensitivity to light, unpredictable rushes of emotions, numbness in extremities, high pitched voices, Paraskevidekatriaphobia, rapid chest hair growth (yes, this applies to women as well), dry mouth, vision impairment, and excessive hugging.”

If you want to pick up the first Doubletake tee, Bears, Beets, Battlestar, then you better head on over to their online store and pick it up now since it will be gone forever after February 22. The tee costs $20.00 but you can save 20% with the coupon code coty20off so go pick it up all of you Office fans!

Bears, Beets, Battlestar

If you need a little help remembering the Bears, Beets ,Battlestar reference then check out this video with a medley of discussions between Jim and Dwight. The reference is at 3:15.