Pure Guts for the Bicycle Enthusiast

This neat T-Shirt available from Degree and by 100copies will likely appeal to the bike enthusiasts amongst you. 100copies is a collection of art prints that not only feature, but is also driven by, the passion for cycling. As with cycling, speed is of the essence, so each piece of work is limited to 100 copies only. Only 17 “copies” remain in small and only 8 remain in medium. Cop these now if you want them.

Pure guts is available now from Degree for $38.

Lucha Libre Unicyclist

I’m not entirely sure what the story is behind this particular T-Shirt from Babablon Tess, but it’s fun and quirky and interesting. It sort of reminds me of a sketch that you’d find from a budding artsist’ sketchbook. The shirt is called Unicyclist but the character riding the unicycle reminds me of those mexican wrestlers, though he’s missing the quintessential lucha libre mask. Cool shirt.

Unicyclist is available now from Babalon Tees for £20.

My tip for this particular artist/brand (who is a graphic designer and musician from Bristol, UK) is to give us more of the story and inspiration behind the T-Shirt. Right now it’s just a wrestler on a unicycle, but what’s the story behind this image? What inspired you? This should all be in the product description.

Everyone Loves Pee-Wee Herman

I grew up loving Pe-Wee Herman. He was a riot, that is until he exposed himself and was subsequently taken off the air. Then again, I never really fell out of love for Pee-Wee, after all, it was Paul Reubens who exposed himself. If it was Reubens dressed as Pee-Wee exposing himself then that would have been really weird. I remember seeing Reubens’ mugshot on television the day of his arrest and thinking – that’s not Pee-Wee. In any case, I’d be proud to wear this Pee-Wee Herman shirt – he was part of my childhood!

Pee-Wee Herman is available now from beDO Shirts for $24.99 but you can save 10% by using the code “COTYG” for orders over $50. Score!

Race Advantage by Glennz Tees

The newest tee from one of my favorite indie tee designers was released with perfect timing. Man on a racing bicycle and decked out in a yellow suit. I wonder who that guy is? It’s obviously Lance Armstrong, who, incidentally is back and racing (as I type) in the Tour de France. He’s currently in third place, which is an astonishing feat in itself since he’s been away from the sport for more than 3 years! Maybe a finger pointing extraterristial is what needs to give him that extra boost! Race Advantage is available now from Glennz Tees and costs just $19.95.

Race Advantage by Glennz Tees