365 Days of T-Shirts: Day 5 – Categorizing T-Shirts

Hey guys, so I’m just a few hours from catching a plane to Los Angeles. I didn’t have time to do anything incredibly crafty today (and I will most likely not be doing anything time consuming or super crafty for the next few days during my vacation). However, I did do something that pertains to the list of goals that I had set for 2011. That is, I created a list of potential categories and sub-categories for this blog in an attempt for better organization (and to make things easier to find). In any case, I’d love to hear your input. Do you think that the categories work ok? Are there ones that I am missing? Please click the thumbnails for a larger image of the list. And by the way, sorry for the horrible shot. I took this at around 6:30pm and by that time Honolulu was out of sunlight. Enjoy!

Day 5: Categorizing T-Shirts

All artwork belong to their respective owners.

The T-Shirt 365 project is free of charge, meaning, you can use the materials provided here as many times as you would like. However, I do ask that you DO NOT repost the actual project files on other websites. It would be better if you simply linked back to the particular blog post on my website! It’s good karma for you and it’ll make me super happy to see the linkback!

The goal of the project is to have enough material so that I can make a book encompassing the entire project. If all goes as planned, we’ll have something amazing available in 2012!

Gizmodo Artist Series: Wendy MacNaughton

Yes it’s true, I gave Gizmodo some flack a few months ago after the whole iPhone 4 debacle. Despite this, I’ve continued to be a regular reader of their blog. Hey, don’t hate – I love tech! One thing that I admire about Gizmodo are the custom illustrations they have done by select artist on a month-to-month basis.

Now they have released their first T-Shirt featuring their first illustrator, Wendy MacNaughton. The shirts are sold via BustedTees and are available now for $20.

“Here’s the skinny. A few months ago we started the Gizmodo Artist Series, bringing on a new artist every month to contribute art for the site. Our first was illustrator Wendy MacNaughton. We loved her illustrations, and from the comments we saw, we got the feeling you guys did too. We wanted to commemorate the unique style she brought to Giz, and so the Gizmodo Artist Series T-shirt was born.”

10 Essential Tips For The Traveling Blogger

Traveling does not have to hinder your blogging. Instead, you can use this time as an opportunity to engage and interact with your community even more. There are many tools available to you and with the prolification of wifi hotspots in major cities, getting on the web while on the road is as easy as ever. Your next vacation might be just what your blog needed.

Disclaimer: I’m a very Mac-centric kind of guy and because of these you’ll notice that a few of my tips make use of making use of the iPhone. I’m sure the same tips would also apply for any other smartphone, such as an Android, Palm Pre or BlackBerry.

10 Essential Tips For The Traveling Blogger

1. Use location based social networks to keep track of where you’ve been.

I’ve been using Gowalla for a few months now and just started using Foursquare at the beginning of my last trip. Both of these location based social networks allow you to “check-in” and ultimately track where you’ve visited during your trip. In my opinion, Foursquare is the better option of the two and I will tell you why.

The great thing about Foursquare is that often times special deals will appear when you check-in to certain places. For instance, after I checked-in at a small cafe on Powell Street in San Francisco during my last trip, a little icon popped up on my screeen mentioning that another establishment nearby had a special deal waiting for me if i checked in there as well. Gowalla recently announced that it has partnered with the likes of Adobe and Chipotle to hand out special offers, but why wait, take advantage of what Foursquare has to offer now.

Here’s another example: When we did the Napa Valley Wine Train, I was awarded with a physcial voucher for eight free glasses of wine on board the wine tasting train. The “mayor” of the wine train, who was there at the time, actually greeted me and handed me a voucher. How awesome is that? Pretty awesome, I think.

  • Use Foursquare to keep track of where you’ve been (because you know you’ll blog about it later) and to score some awesome deals.

2. Use Google Docs To Store Your Itinerary.

Google Docs is a life saver. Why? Because even when your laptop is not available, your documents still are (give that you’ve got a computer with Internet access available). That’s the beauty of cloud computing. Even when you need to rely on the dreaded hotel computer running some argaic version of Windows, you’ll still be able to access your itinerary by simply logging into Google Docs.

  • Keep your travel itinerary safely stored in Google Docs.

3. Bring An Extra Media Card.

This tip is a no brainer. I always bring along an extra media card for whatever camera I am using. I typically take enough pictures during the day to fill my memory card up to the max. To make room for the next day of photo filled sightseeing, I upload my photos to my Mac.

But what if I forget to upload my photos before I leave the hotel? The last thing you want is to have to spend time flipping through your photos on your camera trying to decide which ones to delete just so you can take even more photos. Have an extra media card ready and this will be a non-issue.

  • Bring an extra media card just in case you forget to upload the photos from your camera.

4. The iPhone Makes For The Perfect Travel Companion.

The built in GPS on the iPhone and the plethora of apps make it a powerful travelling companion. Lost? Use Maps on the iPhone to help you find your way to your destination.

For instance, during my 2008 visit to San Francisco, despite having pre-printed Google directions, road changes and sign removals ultimately caused me to get lost in the middle of wine country. The solution? We found a Wal-Mart that was nearby, used the GPS in the iPhone to track our location, and then input the address of our destination. The iPhone got us out of that little pickle in no time.

  • The built in GPS on the iPhone makes getting lost a thing of the past.

5. Yelp Can Be Very Handy.

Bloggers need to eat. And for those times when you need to deviate from your itinerary, the Yelp app is a real lifesaver. We spent an afternoon during our most recent trip to San Francisco exploring the Mission District. And although we had planned to eat at a certain restaurant beforehand, it unexpectedly closed just as we arrived there.

With the Yelp app for the iPhone, we were able to find our location and got suggestions as to what other places around the area were highly recommended by other Yelp users.

And if you blog about food, Yelp comes in handy since you can draft a review of you experience right into the app itself. Neat!

  • Use Yelp for times when you need to deviate from your itinerary or when you’re feeling spontaneous.
  • Draft reviews of your experience directly within the Yelp app.

6. Use Notes and Voice Memos To Capture Ideas On The Go.

When it comes to capturing a passing thought in your head, you don’t need a fancy app. The apps you really need come built right into the iPhone. I recommend both Notes or Voice Memos to document any ideas you have while on the go.

Most of this post was written on my iPhone using notepad (and then edited later in my browser) while I waited for the Urban Outfitters on Powell St. to open. I was killing time before my shuttle was scheduled to pick me up and drop me to the airport. The idea for this post came to my head and so I started typing, errr, tapping away.

  • Capture passing thoughts, ideas or concepts using Notes or Voice Memos on the iPhone.

7. Make Sure Your Hotel Offers Some Form of Free Internet.

If you’re a blogger then you live and breathe the Internet. It might be practical to find a hotel with free Internet access. You’ll often have to pay to use the internet from the comfort of your room but a hotel that has free wifi access in the lobby makes life that much easier (and cheaper).

  • When booking your hotel, search for ones that provide free Internet access.

8. Backup While On The Go.

We all know tht we should back up our most important files (and probably even the not so important ones). Sometimes, uploading your travel photos to iPhoto is not enough. After all, hard drives do fail. An easy backup solution is to use Flickr to upload your full-sized and high resolution files.

If you plan on uploading a lot of photos to Flickr then I recommend that you invest in a pro account. Regular Flickr accounts limit you to 200 “viewable” photo uploads. Worried about other people viewing your more raunchy travel photos? Set your privacy to private and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Alternatively, you could use cloud backup services like the Mozy Unlimited Backup and Backblaze to back up your stuff on the fly whenever you have Internet access on your computer.

  • If you have a Flickr Pro account then use it to back up your travel photos.
  • If you rather keep your previous travel photos private then set your privacy setting accordingly.

9. Don’t Let Your Blog Go Postless.

The savvy traveling blogger does not let his/her blog go postless for the duration of their vacation. That would be a mean thing to do to your dedicated readers! Have a few posts prepared and have them autopost while you’re gone. You can do this easily in WordPress by changing the date of post. I recommend at least one autopost a day, especially during weekdays.

  • Prevent a blog dry spell during your vacation by preparing a few posts beforehand and having them set to autopost.

10. Keep Your Community Involved While You’re Gone.

To do this, I use a combination of Twitter and Foursquare/Gowalla. Keep your community in the loop and they’ll feel like they’re on vacation with you.You might also receive a few vacation tips from locals or tweeps who have lived in the area you are visiting.

Also, you can automate your WordPress blog so that it sends out a tweet each time one of your automated posts are published. With this set up, it’s like you’re not even gone.

  • Use a combination of Twitter and location based social networks to keep your community involved while you’re gone.
  • Twitter Tools will allow full integration between your WordPress blog and Twitter.

I’d love to hear what tips you have when it comes to blogging on the go! Leave a comment below in the comments section and let me know!

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FAIL Shirt

I love writing for this blog and I love discovering new and awesome T-Shirts every damn day. What can I say, T-Shirt art inspires me. However, one of the side effects of being a prolific (yes, prolific) T-Shirt blogger is that in my never ending quest for the world’s most awesome T-Shirt, I occasionally stumble upon its worst.

Enter FAIL Shirt.

FAIL Shirt is my newest blogging venture and to say it started on a whim is a gross understatement. A few weeks ago I registered at Posterous just so I could snag my URL of choice: cotygonzales. And that was that, I didn’t think I’d make much use of this new platform since I am already a WordPress power user (yes, power user) and have grown adept to using the very simple Tumblr (check out Tumblr Trends) on a regular basis.

This all changed last Friday night. You see, for the longest time I’ve been wanting to incorporate a section on this blog that showed off some of the Internet’s worst tees and ones that I encounter in the offline world. The problem was that I didn’t know how to incorporate it into this blog. I didn’t want to clump the awesome stuff with the not-so-awesome stuff. Enter FAIL Shirt (again). That got me thinking about Posterous and how it’s so easy to use with email being the only requirement to use it. In less than 5 minutes, I had the FAIL Shirt blog up and running on Posterous. A few minutes later I snagged matching Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook accounts. And a few minutes later I purchased the domain name.

Now, whenever I see a tee that I consider to be a FAIL Shirt, I simply email the photo as an attachment to the designated email address with a brief description and BAM – it’s on the FAIL Shirt blog, Twitter, Flickr, and anywhere else I want it to post to. Posterous is so easy a caveman could use is it.

So, if you’re a Posterous user I recommend that you check out the new FAIL Shirt Blog over at FAILShirt.org (yes, the .org is in homage to the original and still awesome FAILBlog.org). If you’re not a registered Posterous user that’s OK because you can still view the blog and leave comments by using either your Twitter or Facebook account.

FAIL Shirt is not just about featuring OMG BAD T-Shirts but it’s also about suggesting T-Shirts that are less tacky than the FAIL Shirt as an alternative. OK, sometimes the alternative might be just as tacky but the execution will be much better.

I’ve also set up a FAIL Shop store! At the FAIL Shop you’ll be able to find excellent alternatives to the FAIL Shirts and in some case, exact replicas of the best FAIL Shirts. Feel free to browse the FAIL Shop. I’m using Skreened for the printing service so you can have the designs printed on your choice of T-Shirt and T-Shirt color (they use American Apparel).

And finally, if you’ve come across shirt that you think is worthy of being a FAIL Shirt or spot one in real life (snap a pic!) then please send it to FAILShirt at gmail dot com.

Thanks a million for reading and for supporting this blog! I hope to see some of you over at FAILShirt.org some time soon!

Mother Fucker

I’m not sure what the worst part about this T-Shirt is, the god awful slogan or the fact that you can see the incredibly tacky iron-on. FAILShirt!

The Tcritic To Collaborate with Hide Your Arms

According to ongoing Twitter conversations, It looks like the Internet’s number one t-shirt blog will be collaborating with the author of another hot tee blog. Karl Long, better known in the tee community as the Tcritic has invited Hide Your Arms author Andy Bowness to be a guest poster on his blog.

The Tcritic has been around since 2006 and has over 4000 subscribers according to his Feedburner stats. Although one of the most prolific tee bloggers around, he has slowed down a bit, producing just one or two post every week or so. Hide Your Arms, on the other hand has been busingly pumping out content like a mad man. Fellow tee blogger, Taddict, even pronounced Andy as the “heir” to Long’s t-shirt blogging throne.

Needless today, this is a great thing for both Andy and Karl. It’ll help to feed the thirsty palettes of the Tcritic fans looking for more content and it’ll boost Andy’s credibility in the community and help to bring in more traffic to the already popular Hide Your Arms blog.

Is this the beginning of a passing of the torch from one top blog to another? Only time will tell.