September Goodies From Linty Fresh

The first of every month is always fun because we get to see what new goodies will be released at Linty Fresh. This month is extra scrumptious as Eric Terry introduces the first ever Linty Fresh jewelry piece. It features a signature Linty Fresh Character and is aproximately 1.75″ wide by 2.5″ tall and comes with  a 20″ adjustable chain.

But of course, you’re here to see the new shirts. I know you guys (and girls) all too well. The new September tee from Linty Fresh is called Rebel Bowel and features a simple, yet fresh, single color bowel inspired print. The design comes in two flavors, a maroon and white colorway as well as a brown and yellow colorway.

The last time we saw something this simple and clean from Linty Fresh would have to be the release of the Red Dotted Line tee. I actually really dig integration of the Linty Fresh text with the bowel design. Everything is so seamless. I look forward to more Linty Fresh shirts featuring clean lines and simple designs. You can pick up Rebel Bowel for $22 from Linty Fresh starting…now!

Rebel Bowel

Rebel Bowels

Rabbit Necklace