FAQ Clothing’s Unique Booth at Unique LA

Our friend Sam Irvani from FAQ Clothing recently sent over some really amazing photos from his makeshift booth at the recent Unique LA Independent Design and Gift Show. He didn’t send over any specific details as to how he constructed the booth, but from what I can tell, he creatively used a lot of corrugated cardboard boxes. I can imagine many booths spending a nice sum on money on fancy (and large) banners to decorate their booth. This FAQ booth, on the other hand, theoretically could have cost nothing! All you really need is a friend with access to a lot of cardboard boxes (for instance, let’s say he works in one of those storage houses or is the stock boy at a department store) and you are set. Definitely a brilliant idea. And I’m sure they got a lot of foot traffic from people who simply wanted to look at the booth construction.

If you’d like to take a closer look at the actual tees from FAQ Clothing then please head on over to their online shop! They’ve got a neat set of cloud inspired T-Shirts that I think you should check out.

If you’d like to check out even more neat Unique LA booth photos, please check out a recap that I did earlier this year with the help of our friends at Milk & Eggs Co.

Who’s Who: All 11 Incarnations of Doctor Who on 1 T-Shirt

Warning, this next sentence will sound very bad to many of you and I apologize in advance. I have never watched a single episode, or even a seen single frame of anything Dr. Who related.

There, I said. Does that make me a bad person? Probably. Especially since I like to think of myself as someone that stays on top of all thing pop culture related.

Shame. On Me.

OK, now that I’ve got that off of my back, let’s talk a little bit about this “soon to be gone” gem from TeeFury. The shirt is called Who’s Who and it features all 11 incarnations of Doctor Who on a single T-Shirt. The shirt, which will only be available for 24 hours TODAY (and at the time of this post, there is just 18 hours left) is available for sale now at TeeFury for just $9. Rad. Even though I have no connection whatsoever to Dr. Who. You might then wonder “Rad? How so?” How is it that someone who has no connection to Dr. Who would consider a Dr. Who shirt rad. Well, it’s all in the process. And designer Ian Leino shared some of the process that went into making Who’s Who. The amount of research and though that he put into this one T-Shirt design is pretty fucking rad and well worth 9 bucks.

Buy Who’s Who at Teefury Now.

TIP: To coincide with the release of Who’ Who, Ian Leino is offering 15% off at his online shop by using the coupon code “WHOSWHO” at checkout!

“Who’s Who combines my love of Dr. Who with my fond remembrance of high school and college stunts to show what would happen if ALL ELEVEN incarnations of the Doctor tried to cram into the TARDIS at the same time.”

“The first stage for almost any of my work is to do some deep research into the project. For this design, I wanted to ensure that I got all of the details right for each Doctor including facial mannerisms and costumes, so I pulled lots of reference images.”

“As much as possible, I tried to use existing photos as references for the Doctors’ expressions, but for a few of them I just couldn’t find the look I needed. For those, I took reference pictures of myself and used those as a positioning guide to be able to draw their features into the expressions I needed. Once I was happy with their likenesses, I combined them with my earlier sketches in Photoshop, then printed out the new image and took it to my lightbox for inking.”

“Now that everything was drawn, I combined the two inked images in Photoshop and after much tinkering was able to get the palette down to 5 colors for printing. I separated the colors, prepped the file, sent it in to TeeFury and if you like it, now you can wear it on your body!”