Glorious Nonsensities Episode 7: Emptees Zombies, ReThink Clothing and Otters

In this episode I wear the Emptees 1 Year Anniversary Tee designed by the Emptees forum members and review a shirt that was sent to me by Andy Meyer of Rethink Clothing, a brand whose designs are exclusively designed by college students. Be sure to use the coupon code COTY for 20% off your next ReThink Clothing purchase. As always, enjoy with tea and a comfy tee! 

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Otter-Tude  by Rethink Clothing. Good: The print is HUGE, badass design, the ink used is super soft, printed on American Apparel so you know what to expect in terms of fit, supports college designers, bouncy balls accompanied the tee, an overall great shirt. Bad: Traditional tag instead of a screen printed tag. Price: $19.99 but you can save 20% with the coupon code “COTY”.

Otter-Tude by ReThink Clothing

Emptees 1 Year Anniversary Zombie Tee by Emptees Members. This tee is available in VERY limited quantities – only one girls small tee is available for purchase at the Emptees shop. If you fit a ladies small then be sure to get this tee now before it’s gone forever. Price: $20.00.

Emptees 1 Year Anniversary Zombies Tee

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