Electric Zombie Summer 2009 Release

Our buddy Kyle Crawford from Electric Zombie recently released his new Summer 2009 line, and, probably his most impressive! As expected, there’s a lot of fun colors, guts, ooze as well as an infusion of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and WWE stars from the past!

Now there have been WWE themed Electric Zombie tees in the past, most notably his Ultimate Warrior “No Brain No Pain” design, but these new tees are even better! He features the mega powers, Hulk Hogan and the Macho Man Randy Savage (ahh, my childhood!). 

Aside from the WWE and TMNT themed tees, he also released a bunch of other Electric Zombie shirts featuring brains, guts and insects and robots! Seems like he’s got all the bases covered with this release! 

You can browse through the EZ summer 2009 Look Book or head on over to the Electric Zombie shop and pick up some tees now! By the way, don’t you think these promo shots are amazing!

Mondo Teal by Electric Zombie

Don Of The Dead Black by Electric Zombie

Gnar Face Pink by Electric Zombie

Legends by Electric Zombie

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Glorious Nonsensities 2×05: Fuzzy Ink, Armhole and Entomology

In this episode I wear I Got 99 Staches… by Fuzzy Ink and review a tee that I received from Armhole.com, a brand that has hundreds of ready made transfer designs for you to design with and also offers custom cut and full color transfer services as well as silk screening. As always, enjoy with tea and a comfy tee!

You can also watch this episode on Viddler, Vimeo, or on blip.tv.

Coty’s Thoughts:

Entomology designed by Armhole. Good: Printed on Anvil Organic so it’s environmentally friendly, T-Shirt fits very well, you can choose placement of design (front or back). Bad: Shirt is a bit thin for my liking (some of you might like this though). Price: $19.00. 

Entomology by Armhole

I Got 99 Staches… by Fuzzy Ink. This week’s starter shirt can be puchased from Fuzzy Ink. If you’re into mustaches this is the ultimate shirt to get! It’s a magenta and white print on an asphalt colored tee. One of my favorites! Now, if only I had the mustache to match! Price: $14.95. 

I Got 99 Staches...

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