Bunker Designs Is Back!

A few episodes back, I reviewed a little T-Shirt contest site from Costa Rica called Bunker Designs. They’re selection of tees was a bit sparse and the activity on the site  seemed to be a bit quiet. However, I’m pleasantly surprised to see that they’ve moved forward with a new website design and have released a selection of new, top notch T-Shirts.

The three new tees include What’s Going On In My Mind and Starcatcher by HeavyHand, and GandALF by Sergio37. Both of the HeavyHand T-Shirts continue with the Bunker Design vibe that I really dug with Gulfie. Though I have to say that What’s Going On In My Mind reminds me of a bit of Wotto’s style (see Guilty Pleasures). As far as Starcatcher goes, I especially love the symmetry!

Now, GandALF is were things get a little bit weird for me. This parody shirt doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the line, and looks like it would probably fit in more with something we’d find at RIPT or TeeFury (those guys love to parody). Don’t get me wrong, I love me some ALF (I believe I’ve referenced ALF a few times on this blog before). I grew up with ALF so whether or not it fits in with the rest of the Bunker Designs T-Shirts, that’s okay, because it made me smile!

Both Starcatcher and GandALF are available now from Bunker Designs for $20 and you can score What’s Going On In My Head for $22. The best part is that you can score 20% off your entire Bunker Designs purchase by using the coupon code BDCOTY at checkout! Awesome.

What's Going On In My Head



Co-Tee TV Episode 64: Eyeconic, Bunker Designs and Costa Rica

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear Eyeconic by Dance Party Massacre and review Gulfie by Antony Aguero for Bunker Designs. Bunker Designs is an new community based T-Shirt competition site based out of Costa Rica. Members can submit designs and can also vote for their favorites.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Gulfie by Antony Aguero for Bunker Designs. Pros: It’s an international shirt (from Costa Rica) so the chances of your friends having the same shirt is pretty much rare to none! The T-Shirt is tagless and features an inner screen printed label. I found it interesting that the thread used on the tee is a bit lighter in color then the T-Shirt color. The fabric of the T-Shirt is quite soft.  Very fun design, reminds me a lot of what you’ll find at GAMA-GO. Cons: The T-Shirt is very form fitting, so if you do order a tee then be sure to order a size up (i.e. I normally use a Large, but I probably would have fit an XL better). Bunker Designs does offer a T-Shirt sizing chart on their website so be sure to check that chart before ordering. The print is a bit thick and has somewhat of a sticky feel (I’d bit that it will get softer and lose the sticky feel after the first wash). Packaging is a bit lackluster (manila envelope) but I am happy that the T-Shirt itself was packaged in a separate, clear plastic bag. Price: $15.

Bunker Designs

Bunker Designs

Bunker Designs

Bunker Designs

Eyeconic by Dance Party Massacre. Pros: Great logo tee! T-Shirt is tagless and features a screen printed inner logo instead. Cons: Logo tees are great for people who are fans of the brand that the logo represents. If you’re not a fan of DPM or haven’t heard of them, then this tee might not appeal to you. And if that is the case then I highly recommend you check them out, you’re bound to become a fan of their work! Price: $19.95. *T-Shirt is currently available in Charcoal, but not red.


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