This Is Spinal Tape

Looking for some interesting packing tape? This is the roll for you. Brought to you by the fine people over at BustedTees. And of course, while you’re there you can even buy a T-Shirt or two!

It’s also useful for those of you that simply like to put tape on your bodies. Are you one of those?

This Is Spinal Tape is available now from BustedTees for $8. Click on the Fun Stuff category to find it.

Gizmodo Artist Series: Wendy MacNaughton

Yes it’s true, I gave Gizmodo some flack a few months ago after the whole iPhone 4 debacle. Despite this, I’ve continued to be a regular reader of their blog. Hey, don’t hate – I love tech! One thing that I admire about Gizmodo are the custom illustrations they have done by select artist on a month-to-month basis.

Now they have released their first T-Shirt featuring their first illustrator, Wendy MacNaughton. The shirts are sold via BustedTees and are available now for $20.

“Here’s the skinny. A few months ago we started the Gizmodo Artist Series, bringing on a new artist every month to contribute art for the site. Our first was illustrator Wendy MacNaughton. We loved her illustrations, and from the comments we saw, we got the feeling you guys did too. We wanted to commemorate the unique style she brought to Giz, and so the Gizmodo Artist Series T-shirt was born.”

Swan Dive Like The Old Spice Guy

First of all, those Old Spice commercials featuring that ultra confident and barely clothed Old Spice spokesperson are hilarious. So I don’t blame BustedTees for jumping on the Old Spice bandwagon with their latest tee, Swan Dive. If you haven’t seen the latest Old Spice advert then you haven’t yet realized your full potential as a human being. Seriously though, it’s funny and you should check it out below.

Swan Dive is available now from BustedTees for $16.99, Old Spice not included.

Busted Tees Swan Dive Old Spice T-Shirt

Busted Tees Swan Dive Old Spice T-Shirt

$10 Sale at BustedTees – My Picks

It’s the Semi-Annual Super Sale over at BustedTees – but I am sure that you already know that as this has got a lot of coverage on the tee blogs in the past two days or so. I finally had the chance to check the sale out, they’ve got 100 shirts priced at $10. They had a lot of seasonal stuff on sale – for instance, a lot of the election 2008 themed tees are up for grabs at the $10 price tag and so yes, you too can have a ‘McCain 1908′ T-Shirt for Men shirt. Here’s are two other tees that caught my eye: ‘Rollin’ in my 64′ T-Shirt for Men and ‘GA Shirt’ T-Shirt for Men.

Rollin' In My 64

Attention Ladies I Enjoy Grey's Anatomy