Beam This: Star Wars > Star Trek

Oh. My Goodness. The latest T-Shirt from our friends at 604Republic is pure geek awesomeness! The shirt is called Beam This and it features what appears to be Darth Vader uppercutting somebody from the Starship Enterprise. Hah! I’ve always been a Star Wars guy. What’s odd is that as a kid, I always thought that Star Trek was a cheap knockoff of Star Wars – until later down the line when I learned that Star Wars was released after Star Trek. Still, everything about Star Wars is greater than its Star Trek counterpart. In my eyes, anyway.

Beam This is available now from 604Republic now for $19.95.

Make It So, Picard

A good friend of mine is a Star Trek fan*. I put an asterisk there because  he is completely in love SPECIFICALLY with Star Trek: The Next Generation. In fact, I posted the following video on Tumblr Trends (see video below) and he responded with the following:

“At least he likes Capt. Picard…. I’m tired of all the Kirk-fanatics out there! Picard is the better captain, get over it!”

HAH! That made my day.

Here’s the video that sparked the outrage:

And that brings us to the newest shirt from our friends from Seattle, Might Tees! They’ve deviated a little from their Apple/Tech related tees, and instead venture into the outer galaxies of geekdom. The T-Shirt is called Make It So and it features my friends ALL TIME FAVORITE Star Trek captain, Jean-Luc Picard.

I asked my friend if he’d allow Captain Picard to penetrate him, you know, in a jail bait rape kind of way. He’s response: “lol.” He never gave me an affirmative no. Star Trek fans are hard core.

Make It So is available now from Might Tees for $31.99.




The Evolution of Spock by Adam de la Mare

Here’s a T-Shirt that was created by Adam de la Mare in celebration of the recent Star Trek reboot. I did happen to catch the J.J. Abrams directed Star Trek on opening night and I have to admit that, despite my initial hesitation, I left the theater thoroughly captivated and wanting more! Abrams is an awesome storyteller. 

The Evolution of Spock is essentially a tribute to our favorite Vulcan’s most recognizable characteristic – his pointy ears! You can pick up this tee from RedBubble for $25.94. 

The Evolution of Spock

The Evolution of Spock