LIFE Cardigan by Threadless Select: Ultimate Gamer Cardigan

A few days ago I reviewed the 8-Bit Dynamic Life T-Shirt from ThinkGeek. I really dug that tee, however, if you’re looking for something a bit more fancy or Geek Chic then look no further than LIFE by Matt Leyen. This cardigan is so understated, relaxed, and cool. You’re a gamer, but you’re not screaming hardcore gamer when you use this cardigan. I admit, this cardigan is sexy.

LIFE by Matt Leyen is available now from Threadless for $44.

Skilla Black Cardigan

I’ve mentioned Skilla Fashion on the site before, in fact, you can watch a video review that I did for the Skilla Power of Peace tee. Skilla Fashion just released a new cardigan and I thought it was worth sharing. I’ve noticed that more indie brands have been incorporating cardigans into their line. I think that the Skilla logo works perfectly on the cardigan, giving it a classy and dignified look.

The Skilla Cardigan features a classic cardigan cut, fits slim with V-neck opening, 6-button closure and a red & white Skilla logo print.

Skilla Fashion

Skilla Fashion