Doctor Hazmat Closes Its Doors

It’s always a sad day whenever an indie T-Shirt designer contacts me to let me know that they are closing their doors. This was the case when Bryan Satomayor from Doctor Hazmat contacted me to let me know that his T-Shirt brand will be closing its doors. I first featured Doctor Hazmat last October and I was thoroughly impressed by his small, yet impressive, collection of T-Shirts.

When asked why he decided to shut Doctor Hazmat down, Sotomayor replied:

“It’s nothing to be upset about. It was a personal choice. I simply don’t have the money right now to run the line and progress in my personal life. A fact that I didn’t believe for a very long time.”

He also went on to say:

“I’d like to thank you, and all of my supporters, for all the help and kind words.”

I’d like to thank you, as well, Doctor Hazmat, for making truly fun T-Shirts that we all could enjoy. The youthful exuberance of your brand will be missed and we look forward to any future projects from you!

Rethink Clothing Bites The Dust – Big Closeout Sale!

Our good friend Andy Meyer, founder of Rethink Clothing, has decided to close down Rethink Clothing. He has spearheaded the branded for the last 4 years, and has been around since Day 1 of me becoming a T-Shirt blogger. Rethink Clothing was one of the first brands that I posted about, interviewed and even video reviewed. His Super Soaker tee will always be one of my all time favorite T-Shirts. I wish Andy the best of luck for all of his future endeavors, I’m sure they will be as big and as bold as Rethink Clothing was!


A few reasons. The first being things just came together, I can’t elaborate for certain super top secret ninja reasons. Second, it was time for me to move on. I love Rethink and have put countless nights, weekends, and free time into it. I have grown a lot, met some awesome artists and found an area of my life I enjoy pursuing. Lastly, we were attacked by Dinosaurs and they ate our offices, so that might have played into it as well…


Since the decision to close came along rather quick, I haven’t exactly determined what is next. It may be another clothing company it may not be. It might be me pursuing some personal growth in e-commerce. It may also be me learning the fine art of finally relaxing and sleeping normal hours and being a good Fiance.


The list of people to thank is long. From all my friends, customers, artists, and bloggers. Everyone played a strong role in the making Rethink a success. I mean Rethink was featured on everything from MTV to Businessweek and some of the webs top blogs, engadget, uncrate, not cot, and some other awesome sites.


Rethink was awesome. Shit, when it first started I was an idiot. I learned a ton, grew a lot and made a decently successful clothing company from nothing. I have had a ton of fun along the way. In the end I am happy I get to walk away on my terms. I just hope the college artists I used have another way to make beer money…

Now let’s celebrate buying buying some awesome tees on the cheap! Everything in the Rethink shop has been marked down, with tees priced as low as $5. You better buy your favorites while you still can!

Emptees Closing + The Best of the Worst

I’ve been meaning to post about the imminent closing of the beloved (and sometime hated) T-Shirt showcase and forum website, Emptees. They were beloved by myself and many others because of the top notch quality of designers and T-Shirt designs. Small independent designers were regulars and big time names like Jake Nickell (Threadless founder) and Johnny Cupcakes often frequented the site. Emptees was a melting pot of creative knowledge. In fact, many of the awesome T-Shirt related relationships that I’ve formed over the last 3 years have been because of Emptees. I owe Emptees a lot. It was an almost perfect site.

I say almost perfect, because, like almost everything, Emptees had its imperfections. For every awesome artist that frequented the site, there were a handful of others that would upload pure crap. I know that art is subjective, but I’ve seen some real crap posted on the site. Things got a whole lot better with moderation, but still, some horrid uploads still found ways of sneaking in. Also, the forum, which was a great place for conversation had become one that was filled with so much negativity that I had stopped popping by. I used to visit Emptees at least once or twice a day, but then it had just become too much for me to handle. The bad had overweighed the good and I moved on. What had been a place for awesome tees to be showcased had turned into a site that pledged to fight off Indonesians and rip off artists. Member criticism was no longer constructive. Drama filled the air constantly. The fun seemed to be sapped right out of the site.

This was the official word from Indie Labs:

Part of the extremely difficult decision to close Emptees comes from a larger internal decision that we’ll be talking more about soon, which is to do away with our parent company, Indie Labs, and simply change the name of our business to Big Cartel. This allows us to focus exclusively on Big Cartel and Pulley, and accomplish some of the huge things we have planned with such a small team. Our customers (including many of you) deserve that kind of dedication.

You may be wondering why we don’t just sell Emptees. This is something we’ve looked into, but even if we found a buyer that offered a decent price (and wouldn’t just whore the site out), the amount of time and money it would take to transfer our entire infrastructure, and the legal red tape we’d need to go through, basically take that option off the table. We even looked at giving the site away for free, but that was plagued by these same issues.

Instead, we feel that closing Emptees opens up an opportunity for someone else to do it right. Someone that can stand on our shoulders, learn from our mistakes, and build a curated community from the ground up that they are an active part in. Perhaps Band Job? I know Rob is cooking up some ideas now too. :)

And so Emptees will shut its door on March 1. It is unsure as to whether Emptees will stay online as a static website (they are filled with a wealth of knowledge). However, there have been a few Emptees replacements that have seemingly popped up and will take over where Emptees left off. Mintees is one of those site, and will be run by former Emptees moderator, Rob Dobi. At the moment, you can sign up for an account at Mintees and even import your settings from Emptees.

Mintees is going to launch within the next few weeks and should be completely up before emptees shuts down. in the next few weeks i’ll be looking to the community for more ideas as to how to make the site better for everyone. a panel of trusted moderators will be chosen to guarantee the site doesn’t let any crap sift through.

for the time being we want all of your valuable content at emptees to remain active. there are far too many resources + tees that would never see the light of day once this place ceases to exist. head over to and activate your account, upon launch your existing content will be migrated over.

Rob Dobi has also put together a funny Best of the Worst Emptees videos. Take a look below:

Peace out, Emptees.