Follow Me On Facebook!

Hello guys! I need your help. You see, I just created a Facebook Fan Page for Co-Tee TV but I can’t get a Facebook vanity URL (vain, I know) for it until I reach 1000 fans! Well, I’m about 997 fans away from reaching a 1000 so go ahead and fan me up! 

The benefits you ask?

1. Exclusive video content of uncut and extended scenes that don’t make it to the actual episode! 

2. Links to new episodes of Co-Tee TV there as well Coty Loves Threadless so you’ll be sure to catch the newest episodes as soon as it’s up if you’re one of those chronic Facebook users. 

3. Random photos of tees that I find in random places. 

4. The occasional contest, you know I love a good contest! And that means free tees for you!

5. As a fan you can also post links to your products and if it catches my eye it might end up on this blog!

I Can promise you this, the CO-Tee TV Facebook will not be just another static Facebook page. I’ll try my best to keep it as fresh and as interactive as possible! Now go add me on Facebook!

Co-Tee TV on Facebook