QR Code + Rorschach = QRorschach

This is a fabolous T-Shirt from our friends at 604Republic. They’ve taken my favorite character from my favorite graphic novel and transformed him into part superhero / part QR code. Neat! And I even love the product description: “QRorschach’s Journal: October 12th, 1985. Tonight, my face turned into a QR code. I dare you to scan it.” Geeks all around the world should love this T-Shirt.

QRorschach is available now from 604Republic for $19.95.

Admiral Ackbar ASCII

Admiral Ackbar has been getting a lot of attention in the tee world as of late. First it was the popular Obama Hope parody tee featuring the admiral called “Trap.” And now Might Tees has released a limited edition (150 shirts printed) Admiral Ackbar ASCII It’s A Trap tee. The design was inspired by the ASCII art that liters the Digg comments section and is part of the Might Tees Death by ASCII Art series. It’s  A Trap is printed on an organic cotton tee and is available now from Might Tees for $35.99.

Admiral Ackbar It's A Trap ASCII

Admiral Ackbar ASCII It's A Trap

Human Ingredients

Now here’s an interesting shirt from MySoti user and UK based graphic designer and illustrator, ropi. I have to say that I dig the concept a bit more than the actual execution of the shirt. It’s called Human Ingredients and I am guessing that it’s supposed to look like what we would see on something like a can of SPAM or similar food items. I actually would have preferred the list on the back of the tee and minus the UPC code. What do you guys think? Like it? If you do, you can pick it up from MySoti for $20.46.

Human Ingredients


This tee, available at SocialDesigner.com, was the winner of the “design a tee to be used in case of an emergency” competition. This winning tee was designed by the artist known as Gemma, who had this to say about her creation:

“SOS is the most common signal when there is an emergency in order to ask for help. I thought the t-shirt should have this purpose because it can be useful no matter what kind of emergency is happening. We know we’ll be carrying this tee with us at all times in case of a flat tire, fashion emergency, or just in case we need to flag down a taxi in NYC.”

This tee is available for $25 and is printed on an Ash Grey American Apparel tee. 20% of the profits from sales of this tee will go to benefit Architecture for Humanity.