Weekly Recap and Linkology | May 28, 2010

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Our buddy Glenn Jones released a new tee called Spun Dry. Spider-Man fans, this shirt is for you.

Spun Dry

If you’ve got an iPad, you still probably will not want to get the iTee. And yes, in case you were wondering, this is a real product!

The iTee

And finally, one of my favorite genre of T-Shirt – the Exploded Tee. This time, the guys that brought you the Exploded iPhone, Exploded 128, and Exploded iPad brings you Exploded Andy.

Exploded Andy

Even though LOST ended in dramatic fashion last Sunday, we got two very nice shout outs on USA Today for my 108 LOST T-Shirt list!

Early Buzz: ‘Lost’ response, Bono’s back, Spike’s engaged, more headlines

Your ‘Lost’ party pics (part one): Lockes, Smokeys and Rice Krispies

Thanks to Junkie Pop for also mentioning the 108 LOST list, we saw a lot of international visitors because of this post!

T-Shirt Blogging Friends:

Karl Long over at T-Critic posted a nice little top 5 list of bike themed T-Shirts. Via Tcritic.


In My Short Sleeve made a nice mention of the SSUR Empire State Spring 2010 Collection. If you enjoy the word “fuck” then you’ll like this collection since they make use of the word often. Via In My Short Sleeve.

In My Short Sleeve

Liz over at Pop Culture Tees posted this clever little marketing tee which points its finger at BP Oil, the guys responsible for the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. Via Pop Culture Tees.

BP Cares

Check out these two future geeks to be sporting Glennz Tees Refill Required! Awesome shot! Via Glennz Tees.

Refill Required

And finally, be sure to check out Andy’s Impressive list of 60 Evolution and Atheist themed T-Shirts. Pure awesome. Via Hide Your Arms.

Other Coty Links:

Venn diagrams are always fun. But this little venn diagram is a bit “funner” than the rest. Via TumblrTrends.

Narwhale + Horse Venn Diagram

You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen this two year old chain smoker. Unreal. Via TumblrTrends.

I got to review a fun little strategy game from 10tons Ltd. called Sparkle HD for the iPad. Read my review of it at SwipeTap. Via SwipeTap.

Sparkle HD

Air Display allows you to use your iPad as a second display, through Wi-Fi. Neat! Via SwipeTap.


Threadless News:

Renaissance Rocks by Enkel Dika gets my nod as this weeks Threadless Pick of the Week! If you haven’t checked out the new iPod Touch collaborative cases by Threadless and Griffin Technology then be sure to head over and take a peek, they have four new designs including one of my favorite – The Gaming Revolution.

Renaissance Rocks

The Gaming Revolution

WonderCon 2010 Costume Spotting (Day 3)

Day 3 of WonderCon marked the last day of the convention and I’ve got my 15 favorite costumes all picked out for you. The best photograph has got to go to Ryu Vs. Alien (see #3) by Thomas Levinson (Montauk beach).

Wondercon Costume Spotting

*All photos belong to their respective owners.

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Day 3 WonderCon 2010 Costume Spotting:

1. The Spirit, photo by itsklepperx. Denny Colt looks like he’s ready to fight some crime!

The Spirit

2. Imperial Arrest, photo by Montauk Beach. Kids, you were on the wrong side of the force today. Visit Thomas Levinson’s site.

Imperial Arrest

3. Ryu vs. Alien, photo by Montauk Beach. I love this photo. Aliens Vs. Predators? Pfft. How about Aliens vs. Street Fighter! Now that would be an awesome movie! Visit Thomas Levinson’s site.

Ryu Vs. Alien

4. Wonder Woman, photo by BilRW3. Awww, the pleasures of being Wonder Woman! Visit Stamaria.

Wonder Woman

5. Batgirl, photo by calanimephotos. Why hello there, Barbara Gordon. Visit Conpix.


6. Clark Kent / Superman, photo by earthdog. The cheesiness of Superman in real life! I love it! Visit Sad Salvation.


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WonderCon 2010 Costume Spotting (Day 2)

It’s Day 2 of WonderCon and we’ve got even more crazy costumes! Kudos to the photographers for snapping some amazing shots. My favorite has got to be the candid Captain America photos by Erik Wilson (Generik11) of Pixels at an Exhibition.

Wondercon Costume Spotting

*All photos belong to their respective owners.

If you stumbled on this blog via Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere then welcome! Please feel free to peruse the site and if you like what you see then I’d recommend adding Co-Tee TV as a friend on Facebook so that you can stay up-to-date on future posts!

Day 2 WonderCon 2010 Costume Spotting:

1. Captain America, photo by Generik11. Two excellent photos here. It’s Captain American in real life. And look, he even uses a cell phone like s regular people. Visit Pixels at an Exhibition.

Captain America

Captain America

2. Batman and Company, photo by Kelson. All together now…smile! Visit Hyperborea.

Batman & Company

3. Sailor Mini Moon & Sailor Moon, photo by BirdofPrey247. Oh Good God!!! Visit the Birds of Prey Costume Page.

Sailor Moon

4. Raven & Spoiler, photo by BirdsofPrey247. Okay, these two are just freakingly scary. The purple one gives me the creeps! Visit the Birds of Prey Costume Page.


5. Alien, photo by Wendy Copley. Could you imagine walking around the convention center with that damn huge head piece? Visit Wendolonia.


6. Superbear, photo by Generik11. I love this photo. It’s Superman … with a beer belly and some nip showing! Visit Pixels at an Exhibition.


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WonderCon 2010 Costume Spotting (Day 1)

WonderCon 2010 is being held from April 2-4 this year and as with any comic book convention, there are some amazingly wacky costumes to be seen! I’ll be tracking the best costume spottings from Wondercon 2010 because I always get a kick at seeing what people decide to dress up as. My favorite from the first days batch has got to be the simple and elegant Marty McFly costume!

Wondercon Costume Spotting

*All photos belong to their respective owners.

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Day 1 Wondercon 2010 Costume Spotting:

1. Marty McFly, photo by jovino. Hey look, it’s Marty McFly in the classic Marty McFly pose and equipped with his futuristic hoverboard! Visit BunnyWarez.

Marty McFly

2. Cosplay, photo by I Heart Cool Stuff. I’m not sure who this guy is, but he does look like he’s ready for some foreplay. Visit I Heart Cool Stuff.


3. Squirtle, photo by I Heart Cool Stuff. Apparently it’s Squirtle, the bipedle turtle from the Pokemon universe. Visit I Heart Cool Stuff.


4. Unknown, photo by mchulin. These guys kind of look like something from The Rocketeer, but I think I might be wrong about that. Any thoughts?


5. The Evil Cheerleaders, photo by I Heart Cool Stuff. If you’re gonna die from someone (or something) evil, why not let that someone be evil cheerleaders. Visit I Heart Cool Stuff.

Evil Cheerleaders

6. Superman, photo by jovino. Do you think this sloppy version of Superman is equipped with matching Superman Underoos? Visit BunnyWarez.


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When Geek-ness Goes Retro…

If I were still doing Coty Loves Threadless I would bet that When Geek-ness Goess Retro by Riccardo Bucchioni would be a Threadless Pick of the Week. It’s such a cool shirt and it reminds me of those mail order ads that I’d find scattered in old school comic books back in the day. I remember always seeing ads for X-Ray glasses and I remember never getting them (what’s an 8-year-old kid to do with no checkbook). As an adult (with a checkbook on hand), maybe I should invest in a pair of vintage X-Ray glasses and see once and for all if they really work. Hmmmm…..

When Geek-ness Goes Retro... by Riccardo Bucchioni

When Geek-ness Goes Retro... by Riccardo Bucchioni

Speed Trap by FM365

Flying Mouse 365 has been busily releasing new tees every week as part of his ongoing Flying Mouse 365 Project. One shirt in particular from hir current crop caught my eye. It’s called Speed Trap and it’s an obvious parody of the DC Comics character, Flash. I loved Flash growing up, how many of you remember the short lived Flash TV series? The shirt reminds me a bit of the parody tees that Glennz Tees has been come to be known for and although it’s not from Glenn it’s great to see some other artists take on parodying superheroes.

Speed Trap is printed on an American Apparel tee as available now from Flying Mouse365 for the new low price of $15.

Speed Trap by FM365

Speed Trap by FM365

Hello: Word Bubble

So the word bubble has seen a resurgence of sorts with the explosion of Web 2.0 design elements. You do not have to look far to see the word bubble incorporated into brand logo. Heck, I’ve even used it for Co-Tee TV! But this shirt from Endangered Wear takes the word bubble to the next level. Seriously, to the next level.

Hello is limited to a print run of 50 and is printed on a red American Apparel tee. You can pick one up today from Endangered Wear for $17.99.

Hello by Endangered Wear

Hello by Endangered Wear

Filter Heroes by Chop Shop

If you are a Photoshop geek then this shirt is a must have! This super awesome mutant hero inspired shirt from Chop Shop will make any CS4 guru salivate. The shirt was designed by Threadless alumni and illustration veteran, Joshua Kemble.

After a bizarre lab experiment, this ordinary studio of designers were transformed into The Filter Heroes! No design project is too high brow to resist the powers of Lens Flare. What client could challenge the combined effects of Crystallize and Emboss!? Their only known weaknesses are large file sizes and molecular solvents.

Filter Heroes is printed on American Apparel Eggplant, Alstyle Charcoal or White in limited sizes and is available now from The Chop Shop for $20. And if you’re into saving (who isn’t) then use the coupon code “cotygun” at checkout for an additional 15% off your entire order!

Filter Heroes by Chop Shop

HURM by iFanboy

It was a huge weekend for The Watchmen and so I thought that I’d do the requisite Watchmen T-Shirt post. But so many cool Watchmen tees have already been covered that I didn’t want to just repost the same old tee. And so I got pretty excited while watching The Totally Rad Show over the weekend and noticed that one of the hosts, Jeff Cannata, was wearing a Watchmen themed tee that I hadn’t seen before. 

The tee is called HURM and is available now in limited quantities from the iFanboy online store. Only 250 of these bad boys were printed so if you want one you better go grab one now. It’s available for $15. For those of  you unfamiliar with the show, iFanboy is a video podcast that’s all about comic books. It’s a Revision3 show so you know that production value is very high, if you’re a comic fan, I highly recommend it. Check out the latest iFanboy episode below, and surprisingly it’s all about The Watchmen!

Back to the tee, HURM. If you read the Watchmen graphic novel then you know that the phrase is one said by one of my favorite Watchmen characters, Rorschach. If you haven’t read the graphic novel then I definitely suggest that you check it out, especially if you enjoyed the film or want more after having watched the film. How many of you have seen The Watchmen? What did you think of the film? 


Spider-Man 4 and 5 Coming Soon?

Those of you who saw that ad on eBay regarding visiting the set of Spider-Man 4, but was hesistent to place a bid, might kick themselves (auction went for $28,100) when they find out Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi have reportedly been locked in for Spider-Man 4 and potentially Spider-Man 5. As reported first on Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily blog, the popular actor and director will be back for the 3rd and 4th sequel in the hugely successful Spider-Man franchise. To my chagrin, Sony wants Kirsten Dunst back to play the part of Mary Jane, but not deal has been made thus far.

Principal photography for James Vanderbilt (Zodiac, The Rundown) penned Spider-Man 4 will not begin until next fall, in time for a May 2011 release. Sony is reportedly pushing to have Spider-Man 4 and 5 shot back to back, much like what Disney did with The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. 

There has also been talk of who the main villain may be in Spider-Man 4. Although no one has officially signed on for a villain role in Spider-Man 4, most of the speculation points to Dylan Baker’s character of Dr. Curt Connors (Peter Parker’s college professor), who appeared in Spider-Man 3. Comic afficionado’s know that Dr. Connors turns into Dr. Lizard in comic books. Will we see the Lizard in Spider-Man 4? Other rumored villains include Black Cat, Vulture and Carnage, but some insiders think that these villains might be saved for a possible Venom spin-off. 

Are you guys excited for a back-to-back Spider-Man 4 and 5? Or are you guys web slinging hopeless romantic?